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Originally Posted by W4LL E View Post
What about final form on HARD?
I'm stuck at the fight before the one in the building on Hard. He's able to block while moving (side step, rolling, jumping), able to instantly recover and attack while blocking. This is insane.

EDIT: Ok, just finished Kuma's Story on Hard. Here's how I beat him:
Play keep-away the entire time, through all stages. Stay a good distance from him, 20-30ft or so. Run around in a big circle. Wait for him to do his lunge combo, he'll do a lunge, then either 1 or 2 more strikes in this combo, usually only 1 more. As soon as he swings the last strike, hit him with XXX YYY then move away as fast as possible. You'll want the first X to hit him with the tip of the blade, this way he doesn't block your combo. Also, try to get him from the side, stay away from his front and back.
Once you enter his final form, (no bear head) keep the same keep-away strategy, but wait for him to do a jump move, one of the big ones where he goes high in the air or the one where he lands on his back on the ground. As soon as he lands, run up and do a charged focus Y attack. You'll need to him him with this attack 10-15 times before you finally finish him off. Also, make sure to save the Otsuru bear until you're at his final form, you should be able to get to his final form without getting hit if you're careful.
If he blocks any attack you do, immediately run away or he'll combo the crap out of you and it'll be over.
This strategy is kinda time consuming so if you fail, it feels like a lot of wasted time, but stay patient, that's the key here. I spent over an hour trying to beat him on the fight right before you go up the tower before I figured this strategy out and started taking my time.
Good luck, he's a pain on Hard. I beat him on Normal in 1 try, no deaths. I also carried over my stats to Hard, if I hadn't I don't know if I could've beaten him.

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