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i just beat Kuma or Jinno or whatever his name is
it took me 2 tries to get it done, he's not ultra hard, if you actually keep attacking non-stop, i tried the BBYYY strategy but he would always block all of my attacks, so all that i did was attack him with a XXXYYYXXXYYYXXYYY combination (you get the idea) and every time that he would lower his guard and let a hit in, i would get around 10 hits on him, so in my opinion that would be the best strategy for this fight.

strangely now that i'm used to the mechanics of the game, hard mode seems easier than normal mode lol except for the damage factor. (and afro bot was the easiest boss i have ever seen in my entire gaming life, it's just a matter of spamming the YYYY attack - ending with the jump slash downwards move)

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