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This is one of the few guides I've read that has Practically Canadian being achieved for killing the flag carrier 5 times in a ranked match.

I'm still pretty sure I got Practically Canadian with a head shot. I know for a fact that I didn't kill 5 flag carriers when I got it. I had to boost Hometown Hero and Thorn in Side and I got Practically Canadian loooong before I got those two. Also there are a lot of people saying the got it with explosions which do often register as headshots.

The in-game achievement menu even says something about shooting the took (canadian word for beanie) right of of them once you complete it. Shooting a hat off someones head sounds very headshotty to me.

If you want to check dates, my gamertag is the same as my username "romacus".

Wish there was a better way to verify.

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