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Achievement Guide

The Big Easy15 Score 1,000,000 points in Arcade Mode

See Well Hard

Happy Medium15 Score 5,000,000 points in Arcade Mode

See Well Hard

Well Hard15 Score 10,000,000 points in Arcade Mode

Difficulty is not important. Doing this on Easy will take more time, but it is far more manageable. Not super quick, but much easier.
Guardian Killer15 Defeat your first Guardian

Can't miss this one. Kill parasites until the rage meter on the bottom of the screen fills up and triggers the Guardian. Circle-strafing does make it more simple. If you still have problems, a smart bomb will lower a lot of the health.

Guardian Hero15 Defeat 10 Guardians in a game

This is pretty self-explanatory. Ten in one game is not terribly difficult and should be done on Easy just for the sake of simplicity.

Avant-Guardian15 Defeat 250 Guardians in total

This is a significant grinding Achievement. The best way to do this is to:

1) Kill 20 Guardians in a single game on Easy. It unlocks Overkill mode, which allows you to play with all weaponry and unlimited smart bombs. Overkill makes all of the killing Achievements easier.

2) Play Overkill for however long it takes to pull it off. Took me about 2 hours. Pursuing this will also help you in working towards Grand Master.

XXXXX15 Raise the score multiplier to 5x

This is the only Achievement you cannot do in Easy. Medium's first few levels aren't all that difficult, so it shouldn't be a major problem.

The Bouncer15 Bounce 100 enemy bullets with an upgraded shield in one game

The easiest way to handle this is with the Guardian battles. After you get the shield upgrade, on your next few Guardian battles, simply reflect the mass of bullets they will normally unload on you before putting up their own shields. Of course, if they use the laser or the arc, avoid it --- but most will fire tons of bullets at you and it's fairly easy to reflect them. Just face where the boss is.

Hunter Killer15 Destroy 20 Hunters in one game

A Hunter will come to attack you if you do not trigger a Guardian encounter within a time limit. By and large, it usually is after your point multiplier lowers. It's a quick little star-shaped enemy that will go after you. This, like most of the Achievements involving killing a set number of enemies, is easier to handle in Overkill mode. Much easier to kill Hunters with unlimited smart bombs.

Bully15 Squash 111 harmless enemies with your ship during one level

After several Guardian encounters, you'll notice tiny little specks on the screen. If you hit one and your score goes up, you're hitting a harmless enemy. Just fly around and squash them. They look like specks of dust, but you do need go through several encounters before you will first encounter this.

Smarter Than The Average Bomb25 Destroy 50 enemies with one smart bomb

Also highly recommended to use Overkill mode. It will take, roughly, 20 encounters before killing 50 with one bomb becomes fairly easy. It can be done earlier, but it gets progressively easier the later you go and Overkill makes it much easier.

Grand Master25 Destroy at least 1000 of each enemy type

No trick for this one. Overkill is your friend. You must kill all enemies 1,000 times --- including Guardians and Hunters, so this is going to be a long grind. Overkill allows you to fight an unlimited number of enemies with unlimited smart bombs, so if you can sacrifice the hours needed to pull off, do it.

100% Retail --- 40

100% Arcade --- 17

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