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I just got the achievement using your guide and the other guide about the other items and its really cool, you did a very great job with the vials... the other guide still needs a little work but after loads of maps you start figuring things out about their locations and well, the guide tells what items are there but not where they are, so atleast you know what you are looking for...
Anyways, thanks for making this great guide and if you still want to add something let me know, maybe I remember something, hehe, I know I just got it 5 mins ago, but it took me about 7 hours! x)

And by the way, i was choosing map by map with no bots or second controller, only myself on multiplayer (disabled bots), and when the "you got all the power ups" message popped up i just quitted and picked the next map... in case anyone wonders if thats possible, well, it is :P

As for the similar maps you only need to do them once, unless "necris" is next to its name, like the last one on war, theres like 5 torlan~, well you just needa get the power ups on Torlan and Torlan Necris.
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