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Dare Devil

Has anyone out there managed to get the Dare Devil achievement yet? Any tips out there? Now that the Beam Me Up! cheevo has been sorted this is probably the toughest offline achievement IMO in the game.

I can do level 2 fine using rapid fire. Here are my tips for level 2:

It a case of firing like mad and dodging like crazy. Thankfully there aren't any aliens that fire shots at you on this level apart from the snake thing on the run up to the boss and the boss fight itself. However shooting out its body parts destroys its ability to fire at you until it regenerates once it goes back into the alien hive. For the boss on level 2 you need to plant your ship at the top of the blue thing that pops out of alien hive just off to the left a bit and fire like mad. This will put you out of collision range with the snake as it loops about. You may need to dodge the odd occasional shot from the snake though.

It's level 1 that is the problem for me. It's the 2 large orange dudes that fire rockets that you have to face just before the boss fight. Problem is one of them stays with you and remains on screen on the left during the boss fight. And they take a huge amount of shots to kill off. In fact I've yet to destroy one yet. Any tips for this bit, as the rest of level 1 is fairly straightfoward with practice?
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