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Originally Posted by rlg420 View Post
I am pretty sure that the Raam me and my buddy are trying to kill on insane went to Barry Bonds' house and "unknowing" took some roids or something. We have tried just about every way to kill the bastard and he will not go down. My buddy would torque bow him and switch to the lancer while I am sniping the hell out of him. We have tried both having lancers. We have tried one guy book it down the the mounted gun and blast him until chomped on by the Kryll. We tried to kill him for 8 hours and finally gave up. I am pretty sure I don't suck as bad as Daam makes me feel. Just a rant, thank you.
that happened to me to me and my bro tried everything on insane use both having snipers or use both having lancers but the snipers ended up helping us after the umm..... 50th time we got him with one last head shot , so just keep trying but its gonna be a while.
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