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The Quick 1000s (or close to)

This is the Quick 1000 (or close to) section. You must realize that this is a simple guideline. This is not a definitive list that will guarantee you completing the game in the categories provided. As such, please take this list with a grain of salt and realize that you may or may not finish the game completely, that you will disagree with many things on here, and that you may finish it quicker or slower than most. The more research done in terms of utilizing the forums found here, the quicker a game can be completed. So please, enjoy the list and read everything carefully.

Thanks to PerpetualHeaven for creating this list.

Please do:-
• Shout if you think these guidelines aren't fair.
• Post how long it took you to attain the amount listed next to criteria 2 for any games shown below.

Please do not:-
• Post anything along the lines of "I agree with <something already on the main list>".
• Get into petty arguments over how fast a game should or should not take. The criteria is here for a reason.

To clarify exactly what qualifies as a "Quick 1000 (or close to)":-
(1) The game must take no more than 25 hours to attain the GS amount listed under
(2) It is possible to attain at least 900 points.
(3) The word easy or not easy will not put a game on or off this list. If it exceeds the number of hours in (1) then it is automatically disqualified.

(B) Denotes games that may require boosting for them to be termed as a quick 1000.
(C) Denotes games that require collecting of various objects.
*Denotes a game that can be done under 2 hours.

If you've completed any of the games listed within the "Under Discussion" section post your thoughts on whether or not they're a quick 1000, or feel free to suggest anything not listed. The abandoned are games that did not make either list or have not yet been discussed.

Games are not listed in order of difficulty within the subcategories.

The Quick 1000 (or close to) list:-

Under 5 Hours:-

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