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- You can have as many Red Caps in play as you can Summon. 1 or 7 or 17 ( that last number is a guess :P ), it doesn't matter.

- Only one has to fight. Just once. He can even die later.

- Goblin Lair is KEY, but you only need one. More will increase your chance of scoring it early...but I only have 1 and you will see my results with it later in this post.

- Land type has ZERO bearing on Neutral Creatures....and even Mimicry is useless, as it only helps to bump your HP. No need for specific land types.

- Using Borgess will help keep your Goblins alive....but has no bearing on Red Cap. Not that he doesn't boost his HP, but you need both ST and HP over 300, so it really doesn't matter for 'Cap.

- Changeling isn't very important, stated earlier in the thread, the computer will almost always dump them. Not always, but more often than not. It's not a bad card just for screwing your opponent out of two cards they meant to play, though, so it doesn't hurt.

- It should also be noted that, no matter how many Red Caps you have in play....each Goblin only gets ONE boost. The +20/+20 DOES NOT STACK.

If they gave the Achievement every time you won a match after getting Red Cap to 300/300....I'd have it 20 times over. I use an all Neutral Book against the Computer and haven't lost a match since. Not once. I get Red Cap that big every single game I have played since I started running all Neutral...multiple times per match. Once he gets even 200/200, I stomp him around every Land available....and take them all if I want them. It is almost too easy, really.
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