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Originally Posted by DemonI81 View Post
Once you enter his final form, (no bear head) keep the same keep-away strategy, but wait for him to do a jump move, one of the big ones where he goes high in the air or the one where he lands on his back on the ground. As soon as he lands, run up and do a charged focus Y attack. You'll need to him him with this attack 10-15 times before you finally finish him off. Also, make sure to save the Otsuru bear until you're at his final form, you should be able to get to his final form without getting hit if you're careful.
If he blocks any attack you do, immediately run away or he'll combo the crap out of you and it'll be over.
Bro thanks for this one. If you're ever in Texas I'll buy you a beer. Worked great. However, after trying to beat Kuma/Junno for nearly two hours I did learn a couple of things. Do run, but don't run in too wide of a circle. If you do the camera will loose Kuma and he'll cut you off. Run Clock-wise. This is a biggie. Running counter-clockwise will make it easier for Kuma to use his spinning whirlwind kick move on you while you're making laps. And the 10-15 perfect slices needed to kill him is a very conservative estimate. If I had to guess, I would put it upwards of 20.

Thanks again bro.
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