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Originally Posted by vorpal187 View Post
Bro thanks for this one. If you're ever in Texas I'll buy you a beer. Worked great. However, after trying to beat Kuma/Junno for nearly two hours I did learn a couple of things. Do run, but don't run in too wide of a circle. If you do the camera will loose Kuma and he'll cut you off. Run Clock-wise. This is a biggie. Running counter-clockwise will make it easier for Kuma to use his spinning whirlwind kick move on you while you're making laps. And the 10-15 perfect slices needed to kill him is a very conservative estimate. If I had to guess, I would put it upwards of 20.

Thanks again bro.
I'm glad it helped. I always ran counter clockwise, did get hit a few times, but not much.
Yeah, I wasn't sure about the 10-15, I lost count somewhere around 11 or 12 then just guessed.

Originally Posted by tragik00 View Post
the way i did it was to just keep attacking him. When u see blood shoot out u focus and hit him with an x attack. Just repeat and he dies pretty easily. and this was on hard mode by the way.
I tried this, for a long time, before I started playing keep-away. He'd block for a bit then pop up and whirlwind blade the crap out of me.

EDIT:Some misc info: I've seen some people trying to correct people for saying "Kuma". I just rewatched the show and here's the deal. Jinno was given the birth name "Jinno". After almost dying as a child, an evil maniac working for the Empty 7 transformed Jinno into Kuma.
Think X-Men, Wolverine is born Logan, after some crazy science stuff by some equally crazy guys, he becomes Wolverine.
Kuma is Jinno's code name given to him by his "creator". Wolverine is Logan's code name given to him by his "creator".

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