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Originally Posted by Ingles55 View Post
I'm sorry, but I think that this game is great! The storyline is somewhat realistic to today's oil shortage/gas issues. For that, I give it props on the storyline. The multiplayer is great. The controls are very easy to pick up and begin playing immediately. Overall, the game is pretty cool! I probably wouldn't recommend buying the game because it is a bit short, but aside from that, it's a good solid game and yes... using the helicopters, small tanks, etc.. are somewhat fun and adds a new element to the game that most other games don't have.
This is my opinion as well!

I really like this game and just bought my third copy the other day because I missed it!!11!!!!!1

I am glad there is a somewhat realistic FPS game on Xbox 360 where U are not shooting aliens and like instead U get to use somewhat realistic weapons just for fun!

Also the storyline iz good too because it is not just another 'dumb' shoot 'em up, this game gives U thoughtz and stuff and is similar to Bioshock in that regard.
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