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Artifact Locations

All credit for these locations goes to Rob Cram of & Shadowmask of x360a

This is a copy and paste of its original source that can found here

I wanted to use this for my achievement guide , but didnt want to redirect users outside of x360a

The Ruins I
  • Inside the stone tombs that are breakable, just before the exit of the level on the right is the first Silver piece.

Abandoned coast

  • Ruby piece. - As soon as the level begins, head to the ruined structure on your left, the ruby piece is on the floor of the structure.
  • Gold Artifact piece - As soon as the level begins, head to the ruined structure on your right, the gold piece is on the floor of the structure.

The Stone Circle
  • Silver Artifact part - as the mission begins go past the columns and head to the right side near the debris.

Stairway to heaven

  • Gold piece - As soon as the level starts, go up a few steps and it's on your left.

The Ruins above the sea

  • Ruby artifact part - head to the right and its in the open area on the ground

The fork in the road
  • As soon as the level starts, by the doorway on your right is a breakable object with silver piece

Observation site
  • After the spiked floor sequence you'll enter a fight. At ground level in one of the alcoves is a ruby piece and another gold piece.

Deadly Passage


Death Arena

  • Gold piece in one of the breakable stone tombs
  • Silver piece in tomb next to green crystal

The Ruins II
  • ancient scroll behind orb on raised circular platform.
  • Once you clear being locked in the area with the pillars (right side from where you start level), there is a narrow passage that leads to an area half bathed in light with a raised area near exit. A ruby piece is on top

The Great Rift - secret area

  • There is a hidden regen costume (same as the one you get for beating the game) on top of the platforms in this secret area which is accessed from the Ruins II. There are no artifacts here.

The stone alley

  • silver piece in 3rd smashable stone on right

The seashell

  • Go up 2 sets of steps, at the base of the third there is a dark room, gold piece is inside.

Blades of death


The Great Gates
  • As you enter go through arch on right, the ruby piece is in arch under stair.
  • As you reach the top of the steps that lead to the spider queen. Look right and you'll see the Silver piece. You need to double jump to get across.

The Arched Bridge


The way to the temple

  • In the 4th statue on the ground on your right (it seems you need to break the vase on the ground by the exit for this to appear or a number of breakables).

Dark Temple day/eve

0 artifacts.

The Long decent

  • Follow the only route possible and it's on the right, cant miss it.



The Abandoned Coast Eve

  • Same as before Silver piece on the left gold on right in structure

The Stone circle eve.

  • ruby- as the mission begins go past the columns and head to the right side near the debris.
  • Scroll on top of climbable debris

Stairway to heaven eve


Ruins above the sea eve

The Fork in the road

  • Smash statue by doors for silver piece.

The Death Arena eve
  • Silver in breakable tomb and gold in another.

The Ruins 2 eve

  • Ruby on raised ledge near exit

The Great Rift eve


The Stone Alley eve

  • Silver piece in 3rd statue on the right

The sea shell eve

  • gold in the same dark room as before

Blades of death eve


The great gates eve

  • under stairs on right (if you got all of the above this should be the last ruby piece you need to collect)
  • silver piece is on right at top of stairs
  • ruby on left
Entrance to castle
  • silver in breakable statue in center of floor

The two towers
  • gold in tomb on right up stairs

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