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These are placed in the order in which you can receive them. I show you the fastest way to get the achievements.
Bank Shot - 15gs
Kill 10 enemies using combat opportunities. Combat Opportunities are anything you shot that blows up and kills an enemy for you. I did this on hard, but if you do it on easy you can combo it with Snake Fist. Just melee the guy at the door then shoot the space heater. Make sure the enemy is right up on the heater so he doesnít just get injured and killed by bullets.

Snake Fist! - 15gs
Kill 10 enemies with Melee Really easy. Play on Easy on the first level and do it in the section where you go up the elevator with Stokes. She will shoot the first guy, melee the next 2 in the same room. Head to the outside roof area, melee the next two, then re-load. Repeat 3 times. Easy achievement.

Suicidal Tendencies - 20gs
Kill yourself 5 times. Easy to do in first level. I would do this on hard. When you get your first set of grenades just find yourself a nice corner and chuck them on the ground. FYI: Falling to your death later in the level DOES NOT count. You have too much health on easy and can take both grenades without dying.

Home Wrecker - 15gs
Use 50 pieces of interactable cover. Very easy to get done in the first interval. The outdoor bar area has 12 pieces. You only need to reload the section 5 times.

Complete: Sanctuary - 15gs
Complete Mission on any difficulty: Sanctuary Very easy even on Hard. First half of the level is just learning. Watch the vid to get the locations of all 8 pieces of Intel on the level. There are no Reflex Boosters on the first level.

Paparazzi - 15gs
Collect 25% of the journal intelligence found throughout the game. If youíve gotten all the intel up to this point this will pop in Interval 2. If you are missing any just check our full chapter guides.
Deadly Ballet - 15gs
Kill 4 enemies with one Slow-mo use. After you get out of the cylinder device there are 5+ guys. Very easy to get 4 in 1 Slow-mo use. If you screw it up somehow just reload checkpoint.

Complete: Awakening - 15gs
Complete Mission on any difficulty: Awakening Some of the Intel is a little hidden on this level and to get the Reflex booster you need to backtrack. There is an increase to the number of enemies you see per fight also. There are really no hard battles yet though.

Kiss The Cook - 15gs
Roast 10 enemies with the Napalm Cannon. You get the first Napalm Cannon about halfway through Mission 3. You donít get much ammo for it though so donít use it until you get to the next checkpoint. There are 10 enemies in the next area so you should be able to get the achievement in one go. if you have any problems just reload the checkpoint, then you can reload checkpoint so you are back to full ammo and move on.

Complete: Discovery - 15gs
Complete Mission on any difficulty: Discovery There are 4 pieces of Intel on this mission. This is also your first chance to get Kiss The Cook.

Complete: Withdrawal - 15gs
Complete Mission on any difficulty: Withdrawal There are 5 pieces of Intel on this mission along with the Reflex Injector.

Complete: Replica - 15gs
Complete Mission on any difficulty: Replica This mission contains the first look at the Replica soldiers. There are 5 pieces of Intel on this mission along with the Reflex Injector.

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