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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin requires 4 people to start a ranked match. FEAR 2 is player hosted. The host name is not shown so the easiest way to find the same match is to host odd player counts. People who are playing legit want even teams so to find your boosting partners host odd number matches. Like 5 people. Host can not kick, so you’ll be restarting a lot if your group can’t find the room and get in right away.
Monogamous Fragger - 15gs
Kill the same player 5 times during any ranked match. You can do this in any ranked match. If you are going for this legit, play smaller maps like Revolver and with a lower number of people so you are seeing and attacking the same person more often. If you are boosting then this is no problem.
Bloodbath - 20gs
Get 20 kills during a ranked match. I did this in Deathmatch. If you are doing legit then try to get more powerful weapons. Load up the maps in Private to find out the locations of the better weapons. Use proximity mines since they stay even after you die and just go all out.
Flash Dance - 20gs
Kill 3 players while blinded from a shock grenade during any ranked match. If you are boosting this is EASY. Just have 3 friends line up against a wall and have one throw a Shock grenade at your feet. While you are blinded, fire a rocket at them. If you are going for this legit then it helps to know that you can Shock yourself and it counts. Have the rocket launcher and wait for a small battle to break out. Shock yourself quick, fire, and hope for the best.
Finishing First - 35gs
Be the highest scoring player for 3 consecutive ranked matches in any game mode. Playing legit you have to have the most points and be on the winning team. Host matches with 4 people on maps and game types you like and do your best. Boosting, play Armored Core and have 1 person cap all the points. While he is doing that 2 people can be in mechs going for City Planner. 2 Birds, 1 Stone.
I’ll Take Those Odds - 15gs
Have more kills than deaths at the end of any ranked match. The description is a little poor. You need a 2 to 1 kill/death ratio. 2 kills, 1 death. 10 kills, 5 deaths. Etc, etc. If you are going for legit an objective based Control is your best bet. Just stay clear of the actual objective areas and sniper people who are trying to cap. Most people stand still while they cap points.

Time Well Spent - 25gs
Play 8 hours worth of ranked multiplayer. Just play a lot of matches. Not much to say on this one. You can check your progress in the achievement menu.
Enlisted - 10gs
Officer and a Gentleman - 30gs
Four Star General - 60gs
Promoted to rank: Four Star General Objectives give you the most exp. If you are boosting do it at point 2 or 4 in Armored Front. The reason you do it at 2 or 4 is that those points capture faster then 3. Everyone who is there when a point is capped gets the points and the more people the faster it goes. So one team all takes the point all the way to their side and moves away, other team comes in and does the same, repeat for 15 minutes. It gets boring but killing each other only lowers the score since caps are longer and anyone not there gets nothing. You can get over a 1,000 points per game. It takes 1,000 point for Private, 314,000 points for Second Lt., and a cool 1,000,000 for Four Star General. Prepare yourself for the long haul.
Five Star General - 100gs
All multiplayer achievements unlocked. 1,000,000 exp for Four Star General is going to be the hardest. Boosting Armored Front with re-capping is your best bet. Check out the video guide for Enlisted for help.
City Planner - 20gs
Destroy 100 combat ops while piloting a Powered Armor unit during ranked play. This is for destroying combat ops in a ranked Armored Front match meaning for destroying things on the map. This is easiest to do on Skid Row. Just follow the video guide and you can get it in no time with no need to boost.

Bad Robot - 15gs
Destroy 2 enemy Powered Armor units in the same ranked round with a carried weapon. This does not mean the weapon you spawn in with. It just means a weapon you can pick up and use. You want to use the Laser or Rocket Launcher. The kill icon will show you killing the person’s mech. The opponent does not die, they just jump out. Do this twice. Try to get on the other teams side and camp one of the tall buildings by the mech spawn. On Skid Row the laser spawns inside the doors at Control Point 3.
Demolitions Expert - 30gs
Set the C4 charge 3 times in a ranked FailSafe match. This is in the near impossible category to do legit. Only 1 team ever plants and the person with the bomb rotates. In a 4 player match, 1 person would get it 3 times to go for it, otherwise you have to pray the bomb carrier dies and you pick it up and plant it. Boosting, just go one person at a time and when someone else has the bomb have your boosters on the other team kill him, or have him eat his own grenade.
Dastardly Disarmer - 15gs
Disarm a C4 charge 3 times in a ranked FailSafe match. Easier then arming that’s for sure. Teams are random so you have to be on the defusing side and you need to get 3 of the 5. And the other team has to actually plant. So let them plant, kill them, and disarm. Not that easy. Make sure to look at the bomb and Hold X to disarm.

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