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The Mad Capper - 15gs
Capture a PHLAG 10 times during a ranked match. Each team goes 1 round to see how many PHLAGs they can cap. There are 2 PHLAGS and it’s just getting them back to your team’s drop off area. 10 is a pretty high number to get in a legit match and if your team goes second you only can get 1 more then the other team and you auto-win. So if you are on defense first and you want this, don’t help your team at all so you have more PHLAG room to gets yours. When boosting we’d get around 18 per person and that’s with zero interference so it’s a tough one to do legit.
MVP - 30gs
In a ranked Blitz match that your team wins, be the only player on your team to capture a PHLAG. Another extremely hard legit achieve. You have to win and only you can cap flags. Best hope legit is to hold the other team to a low number, then when your team goes you only need 1+ the number they had. IE. If you keep them to 1, then you would only need to cap 2 yourself.
Untouchable - 15gs
Survive an entire ranked deathmatch match. If you are doing this legit you just need to find a small out of the way corner and stay still and hope for the best. The larger the map and the least amount of the people the better. Host a large map and start as soon as 4 are in the room.
Gotta Cap Em’ All - 15gs
Capture a control point 10 times during a ranked Control match. If you are boosting just let the other team cap completely. It has to go to their color, not just neutral. Then re-cap. Repeat. This is also a great way to rank up exp. Everyone who is there gets credit so the more people the faster it will go. If going for it legit, cap it and hide in the area. As soon as the other team moves on, re-cap. Repeat.
Control Freak - 20gs
Defend a control point 10 times during a ranked Control match. A Defend is where you kill an opponent who is trying to steal your Control point. The screen will pop a message saying you have defended. Only the person getting the kill, gets the defend.

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