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Originally Posted by DAUNTEDFLETTY View Post
to be honest with you guys your probley better off doing this one in manaual as it can be done in less than a quater of the time as the above method not slatting redtomroberts method its a good idea if you cant be arsed to play but if you want it quicker here is how :
A) Sandstorm is just as fast if not faster (I was finishing between 1:40-1:50 per match, depending on how quickly I got into the vehicle, got the jump boots, etc).
B) the point is that having the bots do it might be slower, but you can set up the match and then go off and do something else
C) Doing it with the 2nd controller is boring. I'm actually starting to just play regular VCTF matches against a handful of bots on a lower difficulty just since then it's still relatively short, but not mind-numbingly boring.

At any rate, I will give the 10 captures trick a try. I was finding doing 3 captures, 1:2 ratio VCTF I was getting maybe 1 out of every 20 matches would end with 3 captures.

Edit: yup seems to work. Bots usually get their 3rd capture at a little past 5 minutes. I wonder if maybe you did Suspense with 10 capture limit and 5 minute time limit if that would work as well (the bots don't take the quick path on Sandstorm, instead taking the longer way around so perhaps they might be quicker on Suspense since it's such a straightforward map).

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