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Hi there everybody. I have 5 people working on the G.O.A.T. Achievement and we are stuck. We can only get so far in the rank and not able to rank up anymore. So my new idea is this. And this idea will get everybody the achievement. We need people to join our G.O.A.T. session but we need them to start at the bottom of the line just to be fair but for those who are a high ranked I ’ll let them jump the line but they have to be a high rank. So this will work as a chain reaction achievement and who gets the achievement can leave after someone came’s and takes your place but at the bottom of the list to boost the next persons rank. So this is how it works... The bottom person will lose the game to the second person and the second person will lose to the third person and the third person will lose to the fourth person and so on and so on... This will allow the ranks to be movie up all the time... and in the end everyone will get the achievement so the last 5 people will have to stay back after they get the achievement and go back to the bottom of the list to help the others to get there achievement.

This is Nighstalker sp for more question of information on how this works send me a message on Xbox live
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