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Scariest moments

what where your scariest moments in fear 2? although i only played 1/3 of the whole campaign i still had some "memorial moments" yet hehe...

some of these where (watch out for mass spoilers):

in level 2 (or 3?!?) you can crawl through a funnel to get a file that contains some information about alma - when you return and want to step out of the fennel alma comes round the corner and just walkes over - goddamn, the whole time after i got the file i was wating for her and just as i thought "haha noting happens here" she appers. whoa man that frightened me A LOT!!

and at the beginning of the fifth level you have this massive head-ache and there's a room with a med kit down some stairs - when you grab it and tourn around alma just stands a few feet away and just stares a couple of secends - man i sh*t my pants!!!

i also had a real shiver at the beginning when the sound of the music box appeared! the secene doesn't scares me but the sound of the box MAN that was so strange

sooo what where your scariest moments?!?

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