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Originally Posted by daenius View Post
second one was at the beginning of lvl. 5 (replica) when you get the radio transmission from snake fist that alma is very close to you.

fuck me, right after his message was over, I pick up a med kit, I turn around, and she just stands there and stares at me again.
after nearly wetting myself, I thought "ok, maybe she's gonna disappear again".
of course not, she's right there until you approach her, then you just see her walking away slowly..

haarr yeah this one i mean - excatly

and yeah myself plays with surround sound - some cool effects coming up with this - but the sound in dead space was a lot better - you'd feel more "hounted".

just at the moment i'm in the school - until the first remnant nothing really scarry appeared - but when im honest must say that i had a very strange feeling walking through that emptied building...

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