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'Doom Tracker' Achievement Glitched? + Spybot Location Video

I found the above video that shows exact locations for all the Spybots. The video quality is a little iffy but you at least get a general idea of where they should be located. I followed the video to a tee and trouble is, I don't have the achievement. I've gone back through several times and I think I have all the spybots but still no achievement. Does anyone know if there is a special way to make this achievement unlock? To find the spybots I missed during my first run through of the game, I just went to "replay levels," found the spybot, and then quit out. I went back to make sure that quitting out of the level didn't undo me finding the spybot and it didn't, so I don't know why the achievement hasn't popped up. Is there another spybot location that's missing from that video above or do I have to finish another run through? If anyone is still playing this game and knows the answer, please share.
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