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Halo Wars Mission Guide

This is just a guide for completing the missions, not a guide for Legendary, Par Times, Gold Medals, Skulls, Secondary Objectives or Black Boxes.

You begin with just Sergeant Forge, continue forwards following the objective arrows until you get to some allies under attack, defeat the enemy and you will gain control of the allies. Continue forwards and you will see a few grunts on the way. Keep going until once again you will find allies under attack, save them to gain control more units. Next you will find units under attack near a purple gate, save the units to gain control of the allies. Now the only way to destroy the gate is to send your foot soldiers in and destroy the switch just inside. Send all your units inside and begin attacking the units. You can ignore the Wraiths as a Carpet Bomb sent in my your allies will destroy them. Simply destroy all the units to complete the mission.

This mission can be a little tricky if you're on a higher difficulty. You will be given a small tutorial at the beginning to get the basics of your base set up, you will build a base, Supply pad, barracks and five units. While this is happening, take Forge around the base to collect supplies. Once you have finished making the five units, build another two supply pads in your base to start increasing your revenue significantly. When you have enough, start building as many marines as possible. Keep going until you have filled up your full population count, and when you have head out the base to the north. Destroy the units in front of you to continue. You now come to a fork in the road, north east and west. If you want the safe and quickest route, go east and north behind the small raised sections of land, this will help you avoid an enemy base which is quite heavily fortified with powerful units. On your way north after going east you will come across Jackal sniper towers, destroy these with the Marine’s grenades with simplicity. Now head north and you will come across another purple gate like in mission 1, destroy it the same way to get into the relic base. Simply ignore all units and aim at the Detonator, once destroyed you will have completed the mission. You can ignore the units on a low difficulty as they can withstand the enemy at this point. Mission Complete.

This mission will give you your first real taster of the Grizzlys! Powerful UNSC tanks. At the start of the mission go straight ahead into the building, when you go forward you will encounter grunts and Hunters, these will damage your vehicles quite a considerable amount so when you get near them press Y to use the Grizzly’s second ability. After clearing these units head west towards the bridge, ignore the units next to it and cross – they wont follow you. Across to the other side destroy all turrets before progressing to kill the hunters attacking your allies. When they’ve been defeated you will gain control of Forge and Anders. Anders has a special ability to repair the Grizzlys, so if you’ve taken any damage, select her and use her special on the tanks. Now you must head back over to the bridge to escape the Interior, killing all units on the way. Hurray, the brid- OH NO what’s that!? A stupid Covenant grunt will throw a bomb to the bridge controls destroying the bridge... and himself. Okay so we’ve been compromised, time to turn around and head to the other bridge. When you get there select Anders and target the bridge controls. A 1 minute countdown will begin, in this time you will need to protect her, this is very easy to do, just position every other unit you have slightly north and they will kill anything that comes through the doors. After the minute countdown has finished counting down, you can now cross the bridge, hooray! Cross the bridge and destroy everything near, the Grizzlys should take everything out without even a slight problem, including the Wraith. When you turn the final corner towards the exit, plenty of hunters will appear and try to compromise the mission. Destroy the first three you see to continue. Once done, select Anders and Forge and target the Landing Zone outside the base, they will make it through easily and once they do, mission complete.

Might I just say, I hate this mission.
Right to begin, destroy all units with your very small army that are murdering the civilians. Once they’ve gone down (rather easily may I add), send all units over to Cargo Ship 1, apart from one Hornet. Keep the Hornet at the grassy area where your mission starts, you will soon see why. Shortly the ships will begin to get attacked while the civilians try to escape. May I just state that this mission’s requirements are not to evacuate X number of people, but to just keep at least one ship in-tact during the twenty minute countdown. Ignore Ship 3’s cries for help as they’re going to die either way. Keep defending Ship 1 until Ship 3 gets destroyed, if at any point Ship 2 is under attack, defeat the units and return to your positions in front of Ship 1. If Ship 1 gets damaged, use your healing leader powers on it, but for now be very sparing. When Ship 3 does get destroyed you will be prompted to build a base, by this point you might be wondering why there’s one Hornet sitting alone in some random grass, oh yeah that’s why, the base will get built there. So build a base, and when constructed immediately build a barracks and one supply pad. Build 5 marines and another supply pad. Maximise your marines but keep them at the base for now. When you have 5 marines, send the Hornet to defend Ship 1. If Ship 1 gets destroyed then defend Ship 2. No units should attack Ship 2 if Ship 1 is in-tact because Ship 1 is in between the enemy’s base and Ship 2. Soon enough you should have maximized your population of Marines, if so, yay! Send them all to Ship 1 to defend. As always if either ship gets damaged, use the healing powers. You should have about ten minutes of the mission left. Keep defending the ships until the time runs out and you should have no problems.

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