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As soon as the mission begins select all units, get to the white square on your map and go as fast as you can. A giant swarm of Covenant units are chasing you and the objective here is to run away. Soon enough you will be compromised as units are in front of you. Oh shit! They’re easy to kill so make light work of them, the units behind have stopped chasing you too, so you can now breathe. Destroy the units in front of you and head to the area with the base, at this point there will be more units, simply clear them out to begin reconstruction. NOTE: During the course of the mission, Pelicans will be coming in to deliver reinforcements to you, do not worry about these getting shot down because they won’t, even on legendary.
Begin building your base, for this mission I’d recommend air units as the Covenant like to train their hunters and Wraiths in mass amounts. If you have marines left, garrison those in the downed Pelican in front of you to give slight defence to your base, with Forge, collect the Supply boxes. When your base is build, first create a Supply pad, Supply Pad, Reactor, Upgrade Base, Reactor, Air Pad, Upgrade, Supply, Supply Pad. During this time creating and upgrading the Hornets as much as possible. As usual try to fill your Population Cap with them. You must be fast in creating them too as Covenant will come attacking in the plenty. When you’ve filled your cap, you should have quite a powerful army (including the reinforcements you get). Go towards the area you started from and some Spartan units will drop down from the sky to help you, three of them to be exact, hooray! Take all your units and wipe out any Covenant on your way to where the mission began. Ignore the giant laser to the left, it’s not even important. When you get to the base, unleash hell. Once hell has been unleashed, get the kettle on, mission complete.

Ahh, the Covenant have built themselves a giant dome...... right.
Anyway let’s get started, you will begin with the usuals (Forge), a basic base and a pad to summon Rhino tanks. Get cracking with the base, Supply, Reactor, Reactor, Upgrade Base, Vehicle Pad, Supply, Upgrade Supply Supply. When you can, start building Wolverine units, they will be your secret weapon, you need to build three per location of Rhino tanks. So just build three to begin with. Also, upgrade your base with turrets to attack air craft. Request a Rhino and with your first three Wolverines, move them into position one.
Unfortunately Position 2 may cause a slight problem, there’s a Covenant infantry base right where the next Rhino needs to go. Probelm? Ha! Build some Scorpions with your vehicle pad and take them to destroy the base, about three should do. Once done get three more Wolverines and take them with a Rhino to there.
Location three is on an area that’s not accessible by ground units it would seem. Once you’ve built your three Wolverines, send them over there using your Pelican special ability. Then send a Rhino tank right behind with a pelican. 3, 2, 1, FIRE. Poop. So now you need two more. *Sigh*. Each of the two new locations will again have bases, send your Scorpions to clear the area before sending Rhinos over with Wolverines again. Once the fourth and fifth are in place, they fire again. And as predicted the dome will be destroyed. Now you suddenly have control of 40, YES 40, Mac Blast shots, just destroy everything you can see with them to complete the mission.

07 - Scarab
As this is NOT a legendary walkthrough, this is the easiest mission in the game. Don’t move your units and just begin making supply pads at your base. All you need to do is Mac Blast the Scarab to do quite a hefty amount of damage. Repeat four or five times and when it’s defeated, mission complete.
If you’re playing this on Legendary, the Mac Blast wont hurt the scarab, so good luck!

08 – ANDERS’ Signal
Anders has been kidnapped! Oh no. You start with an Elephant Forge and Spartans. Set your Elephant down with its Y ability and do the good old trick of maxing your population out with marines. Take note of where the Elephants from Alpha and Beta are as you will need to rescue them. Once you’ve maxed out, head to the most northern one. The first area you reach will have Covenant brutes, so cute and so vulnerable to your deadly abilities. Shame. Soon enough the Elephants of Alpha and Beta will disappear, and as always you’ve got to help them out. Head in the direction you were going and you will get a base built for you thanks to Serena. Once built, add turrets and supply pads if you need them. The turrets are important though. Keep heading towards their first one killing any of the flood you find along the way. If you see any eggs, don’t destroy them as there’s a possibility they could release more enemy units, and we don’t want to compromise this mission. Keep heading forwards towards it, and you will soon come across what seem to be turrets of the enemy’s, they are extremely powerful so make sure you take them out as soon as possible. When you come across the Elephant, it will be trapped by some swinging arms and eggs. Destroy all the eggs and the arms but be careful of the arms, they will kill any marine in what hit if they get too close. Once all are destroyed you will take control of the Elephant, immediately send it down to your base, at this point you should send the Elephant you started with to the base to. Now head towards the other kidnapped Elephant, again killing all flood, avoiding the eggs and being careful of the turrets. When you find it, it will be in exactly the same situation as the previous one. Take them all out to free it. Select all units and select your base. When they’ve all reached it will be mission completed. Good work soldier.


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