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Main objective is to reinforce Red Team. I found this mission very quick and easy on easy difficulty.
First things first is to build up your base, let's go with Supply Supply Reactor Barracks Supply. While they're under construction send Forge straight to the star on your mini map, don't worry about the enemies, because it's on easy you'll have no problem getting there, besides you'll only come across about 4-5 of the small infection forms, and with Forge they are no problem. When you reach the star you will be given a present in the form of 3 Spartans. That's all the army you need.
Now apparantly this huge food is blocking Anders' signal, and we must destroy it.
If you send the spartens and Forge directly towards it you will come across a flood base, simply select them all to destroy it. Make sure to make use of Forge's second shotgun attack, it's very powerful. Also if you have the resources, send a carpet bomb on the boss creature. Destroying the base will hurt the boss a little, and you will be given a secondary objective of destroying all their bases. Ignore this objective. As you get very close to the creature, just north of the base you will encounter the flying flood enemies, they will be a problem so take them out. As you go further forward you will encounter plenty of roots and two turrets, take the turrets out first as they hurt the most, then just take out the roots near you before unleashing hell on the boss. It will go down in no time at all. Spartans are very powerful. The moment it goes down the mission will be complete. Very easy.

Omg time limit of 17 minutes! Really doesn't seem like that long.
Straight away get the base going. Supply supply reactor reactor in that order.
When they've finished get a vehicle pad on the go, we have a secret weapon to take down those flying flood. And believe me this weapon is deadly. While the buildings are being built, send the troops you have to the southern most red circle so they can do some damage but free up some population space. Once all those buildings have finished building, which will take a few minutes, now once they've all been built, spam your population with WOLVERINES! They are UBER against flying enemies. And these will do very well. Once you destroy them the mission is complete.

This level can be a bit tricky really.
First thing to do is find every turret spot and built a turret on them. Basically you need to go around the ship and destroy everything you see. The easiest way to do this is by creating plenty of hornets as they can reach the enemies on the side of the ship. Eventually a large blue cleansing shield will scan across the ship, this will damage all your turrets but it will also destroy whatever you've defeated. Basically the spawning things will regenerate unless they are dead when the shield wipes across the ship. When all flood are defeated you will have got mission complete.

This level is so easy on easy mode. Basically you need to repair the core.
Move all units to the core and get all your cyclops' onto the core so they begin repairing. Spawn as many cyclops as you possibly can to speed up the process, also use your healing powers for 350 REC. to get this mission over quickly. Covenant will come, but your Spartans should be able to handle those no problem. On legendary it's a different story though. When the power core is at 100% health you will have completed this mission.

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