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We've got Anders' back, Yay! Wait, did anybody care? No didn't think so.
Anyway we need to help her escape. Personally I'd say let her die but then you get mission failed so that's no good.
Right go forward and you will watch the pelican die, oh dear. Go down and you will see a teleporter, go through it and you will be given an objective to protect an area while a countdown begins. Once it's finished Anders' will be rescued, thank God. Now continue going East to find a base pad, let's get cracking as usual.
Right there's a very easy way to finish the level quickly. Go supply supply reactor reactor air pad. Once finished get 3 Hornets and send them north. A cut scene will appear with an abandoned Scarab. You need to destroy the roots around it to free it. Now get a Spartan of yours to jack it, simply select the Spartan and tell it to jack. It will run right past a Covenant base without any trouble and take the Scarab. Now you get to have some real fun. Select all units and go and destroy the base you just passed, oh the destructive fun of the Scarab. So your main objective is to capture and hold 4 bases. Well now we have two , let's continue. Travel back to where you took the Scarab and go dead north. There's base number three, take it down in the same way.
Now before progressing fill your population count with more Hornets, as the last base has a Scarab of their own and it will hurt a lot.
Go north up the slight hill and you will find a teleporter. Make sure all units get through there. Just one more base left to go and with a Scarab on your side you'll have no problems. I'm shocked the Scarab can fit in that teleporter. Anyway on the other end are turrets, take them out quickly. When they're down head to the west. After a very short journey you will come across the Scarab on the hill and the base at the bottom. Set everything on the Scarab and then the west of their units. Destroy the base to complete the mission.

This was my favourite mission, I just found it very fun, it can be difficult though. Your main objective is to get that huge reactor to the top of those huge hills. To do this, make an Elephant and attach it to the reactor. Now go Supply Supply Reactor Reactor Air Pad. Fill up your population with Hornets and take all units forward, there will be a Covenant base there, take it out without trouble. Build whatever you've lost and continue, at the top of this next hill will be a sniper tower and some flood. Easy times. Next hill will have another base. This one will have wraiths and turrets so take those out quickly. Destroy the base and then select all units but the heavy loading Elephant. Go forward with these and destroy the last base on the very top of the hill, afterwards drag the Elephant to the objective area at the top of this hell. Mission complete.

Epic and brilliant cut scene, I loved that cut scene
Anyway, you'll be situated on a giant dome, there's flood fighting Covenant, Covenant fighting flood, and both of them wanting to eat you for dinner. Main objective here is to open the doors. Right the way I did this was build plenty of Hornets, set the base up as stated plenty of times above and as always max out your Pop Count. Follow the arrow to the first door, kill all enemies near it and open the door. You can only open the door when it's clear. Follow the arrow to the next door. Be warned there are two Scarabs on this level, try and avoid them. Once you've opened the next door (2/6), choose any door you like and clear it and open it. Then an arrow will tell you it's corrisponding door to open. Get that one done, and repeat. When all 6 doors are open you will get Mission Complete.
Congratulations, you just finished Halo Wars. Watch the ending and enjoy.
Now go do it on Legendary.

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