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Originally Posted by GhOsT SLaYeR View Post
RLY!!!??? repairs is the easiest mission ever... i did it faster on legendary than i did on easy....
Your insane Mission 5 on Legendary has got to be my most difficult yet. I'm now on 13 and haven't activated any skulls yet and done them all on Legendary. Well, I was after a challenge and it's certainly delivered. There has been some absolutely insane moments so far and much cursing and swearing. I'm hoping the worst is behind me... 3 missions to go!!!

Once I've done legendary, I'll go back on easy and get all the gold medals, skulls, black boxes and secondary objectives. Still, I'm thinking it would have been easier to get all the skulls first, then activate the buff ones and then do legendary... ah well, like I said, 3 more and I'm done!
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