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This game was a large dissapointment for me. The only time that really scared me was once in the school when u walk into a classroom, and u get teleported to that weird alternate dimension with the tree and alma grabs u... thats it. the only other part i thought was weird was the part in the demo at the school when the lockers fly open and you have to walk down the hallway with the lights flickering and the ghosts running at you. every time the lights flickered it seemed like alma was getting closer to you... i also noticed that alma has like 2 forms. one form is when she is like anorexic and another is when she is just normal. that kinda ruined the scaryness because when she was normal i was just like wow there is a naked woman grabbing me how scary... it kinda turned me on. it also turns me on how alma rapes you at the end and you hear her moaning....
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