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Originally Posted by BenderRobot View Post
Can someone please find some sort of built-in cheat so that when you take a step in the step challenges it won't count? Because I tried the trick where you go through the portals over and over again, but it still counts as a step for some reason.
Originally Posted by Telexen View Post
It doesn't when you do it right. Don't move, just go through the portal and fire the one you're about to fall back in through somewhere else so you land on the ground. No step.
Yeah, basically you need to have 2 portals on the floor, and it's better if you aren't getting very high each time. Whilst you're in the portal swing, shoot the same colour portal that you're about to go through onto a wall or ceiling, and you'll land where the poratl was with no step. The higher you were going though, the more likely you'll move a little and step when you hit the floor.
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