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Story Related - Missable

The following 3 Achievements (Heart Stopper, Bad Blood and Masters Of Removing) contain spoilers to the story so don't look at these until after you have completed the game if you don't want to know.

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)


Egg Hunt - 15
Find all 4 types of eggs.

White - Chapter 1-2. Just before you head into the building with the lady in the black dress head up to the roof of the building which has the shotgun. Should be a chicken up there, if not he's already roaming about. Should drop a white egg on Normal difficulty.

Also look below at Gold Egg.

Brown - Chapter 1-2. Like above but play on Amateur.

Gold - Chapter 3-1. Middle island on the map, it's like a little chicken farm. Arrive and wait a moment, chicken should give a little cock a doodle do and drop a Gold egg. Also at the back right on the shelf are some white eggs. Some chickens also lay white eggs.

Rotten - This appears to drop randomly later in the game from Chapter 4-1 onwards. So keep playing and hope.

There are other chickens around the game so keep an eye out and it may drop you a present.

All Dressed Up - 30
Purchase all available alternative costumes in Bonus Features.

Both Chris and Sheva have 3 costumes in total, these can be purchased in Bonus Features.

The first set can be obtained by completing the game.
The second set by completing the game and obtaining 25 and 30 BSAA emblems.

They Belong in a Museum - 30
Obtain all treasures in the game.

The majority you should be able to pick up on one play through. Here is the guide.

Thanks to Sottle.

Here you can download a Spreadsheet to use as a check list, it contains the information Sottle put together. It is fully compatible with Open Office and Excel, you can open it in GoogleApps but the conditional formatting does not work.

Badge Of Honor - 30
Find all the BSAA emblems.

These emblems are well hidden around each Chapter, if you go into Chapter Select you can see how many you have on any Chapter.

This is the text guide.

Thanks to vorbag.

Here is the video guide.

Thanks to GaMeReVX.

They're ACTION Figures! - 30
Collect all the figurines.

Figures unlock in Bonus Features by meeting certain criteria, most require you to complete Chapters and aquire a certain amount of BSAA emblems. They have to be purchased using Exchange Points which you obtain when you complete Chapters or Stages in Mercenaries.

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