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with that chest in the middle of all the stalls, if you don't have a grenade already, knife a couple of the fruits around the center stalls, then throw a grenade in the center, and two stalls should break down to let you go and get the chest.... i'm still lookin for emblem 5 as well..... pics or better explanations on 2-1 please? any help would be greatly appreciated.

i got:
1--- right above a document at start
1--- under the bridge that you shoot the barrels/truck driver to stop truck then go downstairs and look at middle bridge support.
1--- during the helicopter scene when you go around back of one building in northwest corner (after using port key and going through boats, and climbing ladder to the roof that has an herb sitting in a corner, the emblem is pretty visible and is across the way on another building's roof or second floor if i remember correctly
1--- before sending sheva across the way for the jump that requires chris to back her up and kill the majini dudes so she can unlock the door for me.. i did a 180 turn from the jump site (like if i was looking at the building she'd jump to, turn around and look up and it's resting on the ceiling at an angle

and now i'm stuck

EDIT!!!! FOUND THE is the third one that you should collect during the chapter.... (before

to get it you must go through the sewers, then you'll appear outside.... then head straight to the beach after coming down the few steps onto the sand, immediately turn right and walk to exit the beach area (like maybe 10 steps total). You should see a boat or two lined up to your right that acts as a wall.... and on your compass you should be facing DUE NORTH. Now when you are about to exit the last bit of the 'beach' area, stick to your right along the boat wall. face the front tip of the boat wall and look right and you should see a tiny green 'phone-booth' looking hut building.. it looks like a porta potty as well...with a whitish/tan roof. walk to the front of it you should see a big bolded 'CHARGE' sign in Yellow. and a white 'SELL' to the right of the 'charge' word being spelled downwards (so S on top, Then E below, then L below the E, then the last L on the bottom) and look up through it's fenced window and you should see like 1/3 of the emblem sticking out... shoot it dead.... and then smile.

Edit 2. I also want to confirm that You can find an emblem you're missing by just running through it, shooting it after you find the missing one, then quitting right then and there by selecting the level via ch. select.... run through it and not shoot the ones you've already acquired... then when you need to get your certain emblems for that chapter, shoot them, and then feel free to quit after you have picked up the missing one or more emblems from that chapter and it will count as being picked up.
ex. i just started 2-1 storage fac. and i ran through it, not really killing anyone or picking stuff up, and got that annoying emblem i just described above while not shooting the other emblems i had already picked up by shooting them... then quit the level as soon as i did that. I then went to ch. select and i now have 5/5 emblems for that level!!!!

sorry if these seem grammatically incorrect... i'm just very excited i found it after 2+ hours of searching.

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