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Wanna Beat Kuma on Hard? here is how!

when you first fight kuma, you will have to know how to parry right. and if you are close to him he wont do big moves unless you get greedy when he exposes himself by hitting too many attack buttons.

his first attack is two parry (hit right trigger) then hit y 3 times

after all his clouds you have go and fight him in a three tier stage. you know you got him when he clashes swords with you and asks: "who am I?"

stage one: 2 parrys then hit y 3 times. do this as many times till cut scene
stage two 3 parrys then hit y 3 times - do this as many times till cut scene
stage three 4 parrys then hit y 3 times. do this as many times till cut scene
if you do this then you dont have to run all over the map and thry to get in cheap slashes. you actually maintain control of the fight.

when you go into the ship the first part is just running around while kuma is blasting through the floor.
second part is easy if you have worked on your parrys from the first three tier fight. i believe its still the 4 parry counter (rt trigger) when you get him down he runs outside of the ship. but before you jump onto the roof of the ship run around the bow, there is a teddy bear on the opposite side where the murder of crows was.

then you get a cut scene where the ship comes tumbling down. now this is the final fight.

stage one ( full mask) 4 parry counter, hit the y button 3 times (should only have to do once)
stage two ( half mask) 4 parry counter, hit the y button 3 times (once maybe twice)
stage three ( no mask) stay really close and hit the y button alot of times. and focus hit y. trust me i didnt think this would work, i spent over an hour last night running around. but i read where all you have to do is hit y on the final form. and you know what, i beat kuma on my first try,

what happens with the 4xY combo is that afro will jump up on the final slash. this makes kuma do a jump move. kuma jumps really high but you are behind him facing the opposite way. if you hit focus and aim you already are behind him. then all you have to do is turn around and focus Y slash him and add in a few more Y's for safe measure. i didnt even block. it took me a total of three minutes on the final battle.

best of luck. now onto the empty 7!!
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