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Originally Posted by boshans View Post
so im a few levels into the wandering dungeon...but i cant seem to find any of these items that pants has listed as being in here...the only items ive gotten is the drops from the bosses and the crappy items in the i missing something? like where do i find the plate of the lost monarch and artifact bow and stuff.
3F: Plate of Lost Monarch
4F: Artifact Bow
5F: Plate of Lost Monarch
6F: Artifact Bow
7F: Blazing Wand
7F: Infinity Saber
8F Blazing Wand
9F: Li'l Vending Machine No. 3
10F: Hidden Claws "Crimson Falcons"
11F: Absolute Protector
12F: Hidden Claws "Crimson Falcons"
13F: Absolute Protector
13F: Trident Harpoon
14F: Blood Scepter
15F: Blood Scepter
16F: Absolute Protector
17F: Demon Sword "Levantine"
18F: Ultimate Canon
19F: Demon Sword "Levantine"
The items above appear very rarely. So, you might have to make several trips to get 'em.
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