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Originally Posted by AceKillerPC View Post

Can someone help me on the Topaz Oval Treasure?

Been trying alot of times,still cant seem to find it.

Even if i kill all the ppl on the crane.

Where should it be?

Can i play with a real person instead of a AI?

If any one could help me out it would be great.

Question:there are only 3 ppl to kill on the crane right?
I figured it out. To get the Topaz Oval go to Chapter 6-1 and climb the two ladders at the start of the level. Take your sniper and shoot at the crane at the far right. There will be 3 guys total. 1 near the crane controls on top, 1 on top of the first ladder of the crane and 1 on the ground floor before the first ladder. DO NOT SHOOT the guy at the controls. You will not get a keycard to get the treasure. Instead shoot the guy on the ground floor, as he drops the Oval. He has head armor so shoot his arm. When Sheva gets captured proceed as normal and pick up the topaz before you climb the crane. It will be up the stairs to your right after using the keycard.
Someone PM how to put pictures of the games i have completed. Thanks.
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