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Battle Trophy Strategy Walkthrough

Below is a list of each characters battle trophies, organized into like groups, so it is easier to control when you are unlocking them.

In addition to the battle trophies themselves I will be listing strategies for attaining them, including where to get them, how to get them and in some cases what gear is necessary to complete them.

This guide will assume that you have beaten the game, and have access to the Wandering Dungeon (some Battle Trophies you'll need the weapons from Santa)

There are a few Battle Trophies that need to be done before the end of the game however, they are listed here:

Missable Battle Trophies:

Edge Maveric

018: Survive three ambushes in one battle
041: Survive four ambushes in one battle
064: Survive five ambushes in one battle
073: Survive six ambushes in one battle

While not entirely missable, there is a spot before the end of the game that provides the easiest way to unlock this, the 'Phantom Forces' boss battle.

You unlock these at the end of a battle, assuming 2 things.

a. You always have control of edge for when the ambush appears on screen
b. You do the exact ammount of ambushes.

As per b. you cannot get all 4 of these at once, you'll need to do multiple playthroughs.

The first thing you'll want to do is engage 'Phantom Forces' once and count how many Ambushes you encounter, some people have only encountered 6 waves while others have encountered 8. The waves seem to be the same for your playthrough, but how they differ initially is a mystery. Once you have the number down you'll need to plan when to switch to Edge:

Faize Sheifa Beleth

001: Defeat 10 types of enemies
021: Defeat 20 types of enemies
043: Defeat 40 types of enemies
064: Defeat 60 types of enemies
084: Defeat 100 types of enemies
092: Defeat 130 types of enemies

When the title refers to "type" they mean individual enemies, there are only 154 enemies in the entire game, and when you factor in bosses, you are going to need to defeat almost every generic foot soldier enemy in the game with Faize.

If you factor out every missable creature and all bosses before Phantom Forces (as this is the diverging point between a Faize and an Arumat playthrough) you can get 128, meaning you either need to kill 2 of the previous bosses with Faize or at least 2 of the missable units. If not you'll need to start over from scratch, else you won't get this BT.

However, if you do end up restarting for this, assuming you killed one of every creature and each boss with Faize, you could have this before entering the dungeon (Faize can't get Black Eagle, so he'd need either Gabriel or, much easier, a single unit from the Wandering Dungeon)

Arumat P. Thanatos:

004: Win with 5 HP remaining
025: Win with 4 HP remaining
048: Win with 3 HP remaining
068: Win with 2 HP remaining
087: Win with 1 HP remaining

{sort of a missable, harder if you've leveled Auto Heal past level 1)

If your Auto Heal Skill is not level 1, this strategy will not work properly, it will take a bit of math, but you should be able to work it out, send me a PM with Arumat's Health / Auto Healing Skill / how much Auto Heal Heals for and I can help work it out.

You'll need the following things - 4x Aquaberries, 4x Posion Cider, Item that gives +100 Health, 1x Danger do not drink, Auto Heal Skill (level 1, refer to above if higher)

Also, make sure you have no pink bonus board tiles, that'll end your streak before it starts.

1. start by drinking a Danger, do not drink potion, win that battle for the 1 HP

2. on your next battle, have something equipped that gives +100 health (monster jewel or craftable, does not matter and equip your auto healing skill.

3. Wait 3 ticks of Auto Heal, then take it off, followed by the +100 health item.

4. Drink a poison cider, wait 3 ticks of poison, then use the Aquaberries.

5. win the battle

If you did it right you'll be at 2 HP for the second battle, and get the respective BT.

Repeat steps 2 through 5, each successive battle you'll go 1 HP higher and get the BT's for each HP value.

As this is an ongoing project, not everything will have a description with it to start with, please feel free to post a confirmed strategy here so we can add it to the list and cross it off.

Thanks in advance for any extra additions you feel to put forth and good luck in getting all 900.

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