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Edge Maveric

001: Defeat 100 enemies
011: Defeat 200 enemies
021: Defeat 400 enemies
033: Defeat 700 enemies
043: Defeat 1000 enemies
055: Defeat 2000 enemies
065: Defeat 4000 enemies
072: Defeat 8000 enemies
084: Defeat 15,000 enemies
093: Defeat 30,000 enemies

Simple enough, will just take an amazingly long time to execute. Defeat the amount of enemies listed. Defeated enemies MUST have been killed by Edge (Killing blow landed, does not matter if computer helps, as long as Edge gets the final shot)

009: Land 1,000 hits in total
030: Land 3,000 hits in total
049: Land 10,000 hits in total
070: Land 30,000 hits in total
090: Land a total of 99,999 hits
051: Press 10,000 buttons
091: Press 100,000 buttons

Landing a hit is determined when your sword actually strikes the target and deals damage. Button presses are any time you hit a button on your controller, (Assuming it only counts the 'A' button,) so you can rapid fire those 2 BT's, (meaning if you click 'A' five times during Edge's attack you'll get 1 hit awarded, but 5 button presses awarded.)

007: Pull off five Blindsides
017: Pull off 20 blindsides
039: Pull off 50 blindsides
061: Pull off 200 blindsides
079: Pull off 1,000 blindsides

A blindside is activated when you hold B and move the analog stick in a direction to slip behind an enemy. Blindsides are only counted when you are in 'Short' range to your target, so long range jumps do not count.

The bugs in Aeos are perfect targets to get Blindsides, as they are very quick to recover if you do not attack them, letting you Blindside around once every 5 seconds.

006: Deal at least 100 damage
016: Deal at least 500 damage
027: Deal at least 1,000 damage
038: Deal at least 4,000 damage
048: Deal at least 10,000 damage
060: Deal at least 30,000 damage
068: Deal at least 50,000 damage
078: Deal at least 70,000 damage
088: Deal at least 99,999 damage
099: Deal 99,999 damage without a weapon

In order to unlock these you will need max ATK and a monster with a lot of health, combo together a bunch of Reaper Strikes and equip extra crits. Buff yourself with 3 stacks of Enhance and use a max level Berserking. From there keep using it again and again, eventually you'll hit a crit for enough damage.

For without a weapon, you can equip items like the Spriggan Monster Jewel, which doubles your ATK, to help negate the ATK lost from not having a weapon on.

010: Deal exactly 55 damage
025: Deal exactly 555 damage
045: Deal exactly 5,555 damage
074: Deal exactly 55,555 damage

For 5555 damage, Give Edge 2745 attack and fight Gerel's on planet Aeos, blindside them and attack, you should be hitting for close to this damage range. Keep going until you get the BT. Adjust your attack as needed if damage is too far off.

For 55,555 damage, give Edge 7182 attack and use Raging Strike on Crater Perytons in the Seven Star ruins on the first floor.

024: Stay in rush mode for 20 seconds
067: Stay in rush mode for 30 seconds
094: Stay in Rush mode for 60 seconds
012: Land 20 hits during Rush mode
056: Land 50 hits during rush mode
086: Land 100 hits during Rush Mode

The ability to lengthen your Rush Mode time is acquired by leveling up BEAT: B at higher levels you gain the ability for a slower Rush Mode Decay and at max level the ability to increase your rush gauge during Rush Mode.

Level your BEAT:B with rush to 20, then enter a battle with something from Nox Obscurus (preferrably a melee unit), take off your weapon and spam a fast hitting move again and again. You'll get them both eventually, usually with a bit of luck that the enemy dosen't guard everything.

058: Defeat 200 humanoid enemies
069: Defeat 500 humanoid enemies
096: Defeat 999 humanoid enemies

Simple enough, defeat the amount of enemies listed. Defeated enemies MUST have been killed by Edge (Killing blow landed, does not matter if computer helps, as long as Edge gets the final shot)

Humanoids are the only creatures that count for this, you can tell if it is a humanoid if it stands on 2 legs and has 2 hands. Fighting Sydonaist's inside the purgatorium is your best bet, as you can easily one shot them.

032: Obtain 20 anthropology item drops
053: Obtain 50 anthropology item drops
071: Obtain 100 Anthropology item drops
098: Obtain 255 anthropology item drops
092: Obtain two anthropology item drops in a row

Anthropology is a skill that only Edge can learn, that increases the item drop rate from Humanoids that Edge kills.

Maxxing this skill increases your chances of Anthropology activating, but this can be easily done with level 1 of the skill as well.

Obtaining two anthropology drops in a row takes more luck then anything else, but fighting Sydonaist's inside the Purgatorium will still be the best place for this.

The 2 items that are triggered from Anthropology are Intelligence Seeds and Cloudy Cider's, having 20 of these items already will not affect the count however.


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