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Edge Maveric Cont.

018: Survive three ambushes in one battle
041: Survive four ambushes in one battle
064: Survive five ambushes in one battle
073: Survive six ambushes in one battle

While not entirely missable, there is a spot before the end of the game that provides the easiest way to unlock this, the 'Phantom Forces' boss battle.

You unlock these at the end of a battle, assuming 2 things.

a. You always have control of edge for when the ambush appears on screen
b. You do the exact ammount of ambushes.

As per b. you cannot get all 4 of these at once, you'll need to do multiple playthroughs.

The first thing you'll want to do is engage 'Phantom Forces' once and count how many Ambushes you encounter, some people have only encountered 6 waves while others have encountered 8. The waves seem to be the same for your playthrough, but how they differ initially is a mystery. Once you have the number down you'll need to plan when to switch to Edge:

8 Wave Battle

Wave 1:
--Ambush 1
Wave 2: Start controlling Edge at the end of this battle to get the 6 Ambush Trophy
--Ambush 2
Wave 3: Start controlling Edge at the end of this battle to get the 5 Ambush Trophy
--Ambush 3
Wave 4: Start controlling Edge at the end of this battle to get the 4 Ambush Trophy
--Ambush 4
Wave 5: Start controlling Edge at the end of this battle to get the 3 Ambush Trophy
--Ambush 5
Wave 6:
--Ambush 6
Wave 7:
--Ambush 7
Wave 8:

Controlling Edge from Wave 3 and on in this example will get you the 5 Ambush Trophy, Wave 2 will get the 6 Ambush Trophy, etc.

Once you've unlocked the trophy, save your game, reload before the boss kill and repeat for the others.

019: Fight as leader for 60 mins
057: Fight as leader for 120 mins
087: Fight as leader for 180 mins

Attained over the course of the game, you need to be in control of Edge, having the computer control him does not count.

042: Win 50 Colosseum solo battles
034: Win 20 Colosseum solo battles
063: Win 100 Colosseum battles solo
080: Win 200 Colosseum solo battles
089: Win 50 consecutive Colosseum solo battles

This can be done by fighting the first ranked fight in Colosseum. For the 50 consecutive you'll need to do them without stopping (saving and doing something else / turning off your console) other then that the other 4 are cumulative.

002: Attack first five times in a row
022: Attack first 10 times in a row
044: Attack first 20 times in a row
066: Attack first 30 times in a row
085: Attack first 50 times in a row

Land the first hit in a battle, this has to be before enemy or ally attacks. Easiest way to do these is in the colosseum, against the first ranked fight.

014: Land 10 consecutive hits unassisted
029: Land 10 consecutive hits from in front
035: Land 20 consecutive hits unassisted
046: Land 30 consecutive hits from in front
075: Land 30 consecutive hits unassisted
081: Land 50 consecutive hits from in front

These can also be unlocked in the Colosseum against the first ranked fight, just run in and smack the crap out of it, it won't be able to hit you back before you kill it.

082: Jump for a total height of 3,776 meters
095: Jump for a total height of 8,848 meters

Every time you cast Raging Spark or Aura Spark Edge will jump a little bit off of the ground, keep casting the spells again and again to gain these trophies (use a cloudy cider to keep Edge immobile if needed)

005: Register 10 preemptive attacks
015: Register 30 preemptive strikes
026: Register 50 preemptive strikes
037: Register 100 preemptive attacks
047: Register 200 preemptive attacks
059: Register 300 preemptive attacks

Pre-emptive attacks are triggered from the main field, when you run into an enemies rear. In order to be counted for the preemptive attack Edge needs to be in the group, (unsure if he needs to be controlled as well at the beginning of the strike)

003: Attack first with a special art
004: Defeat an enemy using a special art

Go to Aeos and fight the low level bugs you encountered at the begging of the game. Turn your allies to manual and hit a special attack (Aura Spark is easiest, as it has the quickest cast time.) This should one shot the bug, giving both trophies at once.

008: Defeat an enemy using a wake-up attack

Once Edge is knocked over you can preform a Wake-up attack by hitting 'A' while Edge is getting up, this causes him to spin his sword 360 degrees, hitting anyone in melee range around him. Killing someone with this move will unlock the trophy.

020: Defeat an enemy with a knockdown attack

When an enemy is laying on the ground, Edge will preform a special knockdown attack on the enemy, which can be dealt by pressing A. Kill an enemy with this attack to get this BT.

036: Defeat an enemy using only leg-based attacks

When you are in melee range if you move your analog stick towards your opponent then hit 'A' you will kick your target instead of hitting it with your sword. Against the low level bugs in Aeos they will be killed by one of these attacks.

028: Defeat a poisoned enemy
077: Defeat 100 poisoned enemies

Travel to planet Aeos and synth a weapon with earth damage and poison attack and give the weapon to Edge. Fight Lamia Radix and use normal attacks with Edge, these attacks will deal 0 damage to the Radix because of the earth damage synth, but can still apply the debuff. Once the enemy has the status effect finish them off by switching your weapon to something else, then killing them normally.

031: Defeat 100 enemies with aura spark
076: Defeat 100 enemies with Raging Strike

Register 100 kills with each of the above abilities.

040: Land a 5-hit rush combo
050: Land a 6-hit rush combo
062: Complete a perfect Rush Combo

Have 2 characters with 10/10 Chain combo's, and atleast 4 skills equipped on each of them. Get 100 rush and execute a Rush Combo with Edge, from there you merely need to get a success on each stage of the rush combo (clicking the button that appears on the bottom of your screen, you can pretty much rapid fire click and still get a sueccess on them.) Once you complete the 6th rush combo success, Edge will get a final, seventh, Combo and the words 'Perfect Combo' will appear on screen. This will unlock the perfect Rush Combo, and the 5 and 6 hit will unlock as you are achieving the Perfect.

013: Win a battle with nothing equipped

Unequip your weapon, armour, neck and accessory slot, then go into battle. Make sure you land the final blow.

023: Recover HP to the exact max capacity

This BT is easiest when Edge's HP can be evenly divided by 100, but can be done at any time, just takes a lot of math.

You want Edge's healing spell to be maxx level, so it heals 40% health.

Use a heal on Edge, write down that number. You now need to make Edge's health the remainder of that number from your max health. Example:

Edge has 20675 Health, a 40% heal lands for 8370. You need to reduce Edge's health to 12305. The easiest way to do this is a combination of poison ciders, auto healing and the low level bugs on planet Aeos, by the end of the game the bugs should be hitting you for 1 to 2 damage, if it's 1 then this will be easy, if 2 then it's a bit harder.

Poison yourself to just above 20675 Health, (poison would tick for 207, so it would take 40 ticks, reducing you to 12395 Health)

From that point antidote yourself, then let the bugs on Aeos hit you. Because of their low level you'll need to charge for blindsides, to negate your ability to block their hits. Keep going until you reach the desired HP, in the examples case 12305, or 45 hits of 2 damage a piece. Once at that level cast a healing spell on yourself to go to max health, and now you've got your BT.

052: Squat 200 times

Hold B to charge for Rush Gauge. As soon as you start to gain Rush Gauge let go of B to preform a Squat.

054: defeat a Grigori with a rush combo

A semi-random BT, you'll need to kill the Grigori during a rush combo, when you have Edge initiate it.
Easiest way to unlock this is against Tamiel, in the Purgatorium, as he has a health bar you can scan to see an exact number, giving you a better chance at predicting when to do the final rush combo.
Apart from that you can unlock this on Satanail, as Satanail can take massive amounts of damage from rush combos, as opposed to other Grigori's that only take low damage from it.

083: Defeat Ashlay
100: Defeat Ashlay within five minutes

Ashlay shows up as 'The Wandering Swordsman' in the team Colesseum battles, rank 1. You'll need to battle through all of the rankings, then defeat him with Edge controlled. Unsure if Edge needs the killing blow.

097: Defeat own shadow

This BT is available for each character. 3 of the Shadows will appear in Cave of the Seven Stars. The other 6 are located in the Wandering Dungeon, floors 16 and 18. You MUST land the killing blow on the shadow in question with the alter ego of the shadow, i.e. Sarah needs to kill Sarah. You also must be in control of the character at the time as well, so no computer assistance.

Edge's Shadow appears inside the Wandering Dungeon, Floor 16.


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