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Reimi Saionji

006: Deal at least 100 damage.
018: Deal at least 500 damage
029: Deal at least 1000 damage
041: Deal at least 4,000 damage
052: Deal at least 10,000 damage
061: Deal at least 30,000 damage
071: Deal at least 50,000 damage
089: Deal at least 70,000 damage
098: Deal at least 99,999 damage

Using a self destructor in very close range to an enemy with 9999 ATK should cause them to also take damage, giving you a 99,999 damage shot.

009: Deal exactly 111 damage
035: Deal exactly 1,111 damage
056: Deal exactly 11,111 damage

008: Land 4 consecutive long-range attacks
020: Land 9 consecutive long-range attacks
031: Land 15 consecutive long-ranged attacks
043: Land 22 consecutive long-range attacks
054: Land 30 consecutive long range attacks
062: Land 39 consecutive long-range attacks
073: Land 49 consecutive long-range attacks
082: Land 60 consecutive long-range attacks
092: Land 72 consecutive long-range attacks
099: Land 85 consecutive long-range attacks

Travel to Aeos and fight the bugs there, you'll need to land each hit, and avoid getting shot during this time one after another, you can link this BT between battles, so just take each shot slow, and wait until either the mob is moving directly towards you or is stopped to make sure you land the hit.

026: Interrupt an enemy's casting
037: Interrupt an enemy's casting 10 times
049: Interrupt an enemy's casting 44 times
058: Interrupt an enemy's casting 99 times
068: Interrupt an enemy's casting 144 times
077: Interrupt an enemy's casting 200 times
086: Interrupt an enemy's casting 255 times
096: Interrupt an enemy's casting 500 times

Fight the trees inside Lemuris, they will cast a spell often, which can be interrupted by hitting them with an ranged ability. Of note however, when an enemy is in rush mode you can not interrupt their casting. This BT is cumulative, so they do not need to be done back to back.

Alternativley, you can fight Iceberg in the Solo Colosseum Battle if you have it available, un-equip your weapon so you deal less damage, and interrupt his Ice Needles / Deep Freeze spells.

053: Absorb a total of 5,000 MP
069: Absorb a total of 20,000 MP
087: Absorb a total of 30,000 MP

014: Win 20 battles without using MP
081: Win 100 battles without using MP

Simply enough, don't cast any skills. If it helps you remove all your battle skills from your triggers, so you do not accidentially use them. This BT is cumulative, so you do not need to do them back to back, you should knock out most, if not all while doing Consecutive long range attacks.

007: Defeat an enemy using only jump attacks
027: Defeat 20 enemies using only jump attacks
080: Defeat 100 enemies using only jump attacks

Holding B and pressing your directional stick in any direction will cause your character to jump into the air in the direction you specify with your analog stick. While in the air you can press A to do a jump attack, Killing an enemy with only these ablities will trigger this BT.

Fighting bugs in Aoes will give you the best chances for this, as you can 1-shot anything in the inital starting zone. Do this after getting the consecutive long range attacks and you'll be able to get the win without using MP as well.

032: Obtain 20 botany item drops
055: Obtain 50 Botany item drops
074: Obtain 100 Botany item drops
097: Obtain 255 Botany item drops
093: Obtain two Botany item drops in a row

Reimi can learn a skill called Botany from the book vendor in EN II, when this skill is learned any plant monster that she kills has a higher chance of dropping a better item. When the skill is increased the chance of this happening increases.

You are unable to tell when you get a Botany Drop though, so you'll need to keep killing enemies until you get the 255 trophy. Obtaining two in a row will come over time, as it is more random then the others.

Fight Gerels and Mushrooms in the wandering dungeon for the Botany skills, they drop geostones.

024: Defeat 200 plant enemies
045: Defeat 300 plant enemies
072: Defeat 500 plant enemies
095: Defeat 999 plant enemies

You'll get this from killing any enemy with the 'Plant' creature type, these BT's are best farmed at the same time as the Botany drops. Reimi must get the killing blow for the enemy to count towards these BT's.


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