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Reimi Saionji Cont.

011: Take no damage five times in a row
023: Take no damage 10 times in a row
046: Take no damage 20 times in a row
064: Take no damage 30 times in a row
083: Take no damage 40 times in a row
094: Take no damage 50 times in a row

Travel to planet Lemuris and enter a battle with the Tree's there, drink a fainting potion to cause any damage received to show up as 0's, these 0 damage hits are the pre-req for these BT's. You'll need to make sure that your allies do not interfear in this, as losing hits can cause you to not get the 50 in a row. Kill them off with Self-Destructors to make sure they don't get in your way before hand.

038: Win 20 Colosseum solo battles
050: Win 50 Colosseum solo battles
066: Win 100 Colosseum solo battles
084: Win 200 Colosseum solo battles
091: Win 50 consecutive Colosseum solo battles

002: Land three critical hits in a row
013: Land four critical hits in a row
025: Land five critical hits in a row
036: Land six critical hits in a row
048: Land seven critical hits in a row

Blindsiding creatures is the easiest way to do this. Go to Planet Aeos and fight the slimes located there, un-equip your weapon and blindside then shoot. Take a single shot after the blindside then Blindside agian and repeat. You should be able to get all 7 hits before the slime dies, however if they get close to death wait for them to Schism, which will create another Slime to attack.

067: Get three status ailments at once
090: Get four status ailments at once

These status ailments can be cast by yourself, so drink a poison cider, a cursed cider, a silent cider, and a cloudy cider and you'll get both of these.

016: Land 20 hits during Rush Mode
059: Land 50 hits during Rush Mode
088: Land 100 hits during Rush Mode

001: Win without being targeted
076: Win without ever moving

Travel to Aeos and make your party Reimi / Edge / Meracle / Arumat. When the fight starts just stand still, the 3 melee characters will go off and kill all the enemies, as long as an enemy dosen't hit you you'll get both of these trophies at once.

Initiating a battle with a Pre-Emptive strike provides the best advantage, as the mobs will start off not targeting anything, giving you a better advantage.

005: Survive incap. via Fury
017: Survive incap. via Fury 10 times
028: Survive incap. via Fury 30 times
039: Survive incap. via Fury 50 times
051: Survive incap. via Fury 5 times in a row
060: Survive incap. via Fury 10 times in a row
070: Survive incap. via Fury 15 times in a row

Equip a level 10 fury boost. From there make sure Reimi's health is at max then use a self destructor. Depending on your luck this will pop Fury, leaving Reimi at one health. From there heal her to full health and use another self destructor. Get 50 total for the first 3, and 15 in a row for the last 3.

Things to note:

Self destructors work best, anything that deals that much damage relative to your max health has a higher chance of proccing fury.

Heal yourself to full health with healing spells - There has been testing that shows that using healing spells works better then items, not sure why, just do it to be certain.

012: Defeat an enemy using a close-quarters attack
021: Defeat an enemy using only leg-based attacks

Travel to Aeos and fight the low level bugs there. Run into melee range with Reimi, then when in melee range move your analog stick towards the mob and hit A. This will cause Reimi to kick the target, killing it in a single shot. Repeat as nessecary if the first shot does not kill it.

022: Recover from incap. three times in one battle
063: Recover from incap. 10 times in one battle

Kill yourself then revive with a spell or sage to get these BT's. Easiest way is to use Self Destructor's then have another party member use a Revive spell (suggested Sarah)

033: Defeat an enemy in exactly one minute
075: Defeat an enemy in exactly three minutes

You'll need a stopwatch for this one to get it accurate. You need to land the final killing blow right at the 1/3 minute mark. Timers for battles start as soon as you gain control of your units, so start it there. You'll also need to count how many seconds it takes for Reimi to fire, so you can add that into your time:

Aiming for 1 minute, Reimi's attack takes 2 seconds to use (guess) fire at 58 seconds to kill it at 1 minute.

Best mobs to do this on are the bugs in the starting area of Aeos, as they can usually die from 1 shot.

If you have Pride equipped on a character, start the battle with them as your Leader. When the 'Pride' Skill appears is when the counter in the battle starts.

040: Defeat 100 enemies with Chaotic Blossoms
085: Defeat 100 enemies with Heavenly Flight

004: Recover from poison 10 times
057: Recover from poison 99 times
019: Recover from paralysis 10 times
065: Recover from paralysis 99 times
042: Recover from Cursed status 10 times
078: Recover from Cursed status 99 times

003: Avoid getting a status ailment
044: Avoid status ailments five times in a row

Equip an Anti-Poison Amulet and drink 5 poison Ciders. This works with any type of status ailment, provided you have the Cider's and the proper Amulet, Poison is the easiest to acquire.

015: Strike two airborne enemies at once

030: Defeat a paralyzed enemy

Use a Paralyzing bomb on any enemy, if they are not immune to it they will become Paralyzed (a yellow lightning bolt will appear below their name and health bar and they will stop moving) Land the killing blow on the unit once that happens to get the BT.

034: Land a critical hit from behind
047: Land a critical hit on an enemy's weak spot

Afte defeating the Apostle of Creation you will be sent to a room with a lot of Grigori surrounding you eventually you should run into a crystal that will transform into Manifest Armaros. When in the fight with it run into melee range with Reimi and blindside it. Once behind shoot once to land a critical hit on its weak point, getting both trophies at once.

--There is also a Manifest Armaros inside of the Wandering Cavern, if you have access to it you can also do this there, but the one after Apostle of Creation is a bit weaker, so should be easier to reach.

010: Win with the Rush Gauge maxed out

As you deal / take damage your rush gauge will build, if you win a battle with it at 100 you'll unlock this.

079: Defeat 100 paralyzed enemies

Travel to planet Aeos and synth a weapon with earth damage and paralysis attack and give the weapon to Edge. Fight Lamia Radix and use normal attacks with Edge, these attacks will deal 0 damage to the Radix because of the earth damage synth, but can still apply the debuff. Once the enemy has the status effect finish them off with Reimi to gain the kill credit.

100: Defeat own shadow

This BT is available for each character. 3 of the Shadows will appear in Cave of the Seven Stars. The other 6 are located in the Wandering Dungeon, floors 16 and 18. You MUST land the killing blow on the shadow in question with the alter ego of the shadow, i.e. Sarah needs to kill Sarah. You also must be in control of the character at the time as well, so no computer assistance.

Reimi's Shadow appears inside the Cave of the Seven Stars

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