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Faize Sheifa Beleth

002: Fight 50 battles
012: Fight 100 battles
022: Fight 200 battles
033: Fight 333 battles
044: Fight 500 battles
054: Fight 777 battles
065: Fight 1,000 battles
075: Fight 1,500 battles
085: Fight 2,000 battles
093: Fight 3,000 battles

04: Deal at least 100 damage
14: Deal at least 500 damage
24: Deal at least 1,000 damage
35: Deal at least 4,000 damage
46: Deal at least 10,000 damage
56: Deal at least 30,000 damage
67: Deal at least 50,000 damage
78: Deal at least 70,000 damage
96: Deal at least 99,999 damage

Get Faize max intellect and fight Golems in the Wandering dungeon, chain cast earth glaive and eventually you'll spike high enough for the 99,999 damage.

Alternatively, Using a self destructor in very close range to an enemy with 9999 ATK should cause them to also take damage, giving you a 99,999 damage shot.

001: Defeat 10 types of enemies
021: Defeat 20 types of enemies
043: Defeat 40 types of enemies
064: Defeat 60 types of enemies
084: Defeat 100 types of enemies
092: Defeat 130 types of enemies

When the title refers to "type" they mean individual enemies, there are only 154 enemies in the entire game, and when you factor in bosses, you are going to need to defeat almost every generic foot soldier enemy in the game with Faize.

If you factor out every missable creature and all bosses before Phantom Forces (as this is the diverging point between a Faize and an Arumat playthrough) you can get 128, meaning you either need to kill 2 of the previous bosses with Faize or at least 2 of the missable units. If not you'll need to start over from scratch, else you won't get this BT.

However, if you do end up restarting for this, assuming you killed one of every creature and each boss with Faize, you could have this before entering the dungeon (Faize can't get Black Eagle, so he'd need either Gabriel or, much easier, a single unit from the Wandering Dungeon)

006: Defeat 100 insect enemies
025: Defeat 200 insect enemies
052: Defeat 300 insect enemies
079: Defeat 500 insect enemies
097: Defeat 999 insect enemies

The starting area of planet Aeos is almost entirely filled with Insects, minus the crabs along the beach and the slimes / bats inside the caves. If you stay outside the caves you should be fine though. Keep killing bugs with Faize to get these BT's.

008: Get three Bonus Board tiles in one battle
038: Get four Bonus Board tiles in one battle
068: Get five bonus board tiles in one battle
090: Get eight Bonus Board tiles in one battle

For this one make sure you have a clear bonus board, you need to get in a fight with at least four enemies, blindside each enemies and use Ice needles (it has a quick cast time, so they will still be surprised) you will get a critical hit AND Skill-only kill, so you will get 2 bonus board tiles for each enemy.

Likewise, you can also enter battle with a Slime, bring it down to low health, wait for it to Schism (creates a brand new slime with full health) then kill the low health one with a Blindside crit. This way you can also get the blindsiding multiple enemies BT at the same time, if your BEAT:S is high enough.

011: Land 10 consecutive hits unassisted
040: Land 20 consecutive hits unassisted
082: Land 30 consecutive hits unassisted

009: Reduce an enemy's HP to 9
023: Reduce an enemy's HP to 7
031: Reduce an enemy's HP to 5
042: Reduce an enemy's HP to 4
051: Reduce an enemy's HP to 3
063: Reduce an enemy's HP to 2
071: Reduce an enemy's HP to 1

Unequip your normal weapon, and enter a battle with a unit from Roak (any will really do, if you had to pick one I'd say the crabs that spawn along the coasts) Bring down the crabs health with magic until it is very low (use scan enemy to tell exactly what their health is) then finish it off with your sword attacks, which should be 1 damage per hit without a weapon. If the damage is too high you can Synthesize Static Cider's to a low level weapon, these Cider's reduce your ATK by 12 (don't remember exact ammount) so you can do this until your damage becomes one. From there just stab the enemy and you'll get all the BT's at once.

If you've Synth'ed your weapon but still are having no luck getting 1 damage, fight a stronger enemy, as they'll have more armour to negate your blows.

If that dosen't work start a new game and power through it until you get Faize in your party, un-equip his sword and attack a low level enemy located there (crabs spawn around the boss in Aeos, right after you get Faize so you can do it there)

017: Blindside two enemies at once
030: Blindside three enemies at once
050: Blindside four enemies at once
062: Blindside five enemies at once
094: Blindside six enemies at once

Level your BEAT:S to level 17 to gain 'freeze nearby enemies when blindsiding' and enter a battle with 6 enemies (only place that comes to mind with 6 are the Bee's / Bats on the first floor of the Cave of the Seven Stars)

As the Bee's / Bat's are very powerful enemies, you can also fight any slime in the game, bring them to low health, and let them Schism. From there bring down the new Slime to critical health and let them Schism until you have 6, then blindside all of them at once.

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