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Faize Sheifa Beleth Cont.

003: Defeat an enemy using only weapon attacks
015: Defeat an enemy using a close-quarters attack

007: Defeat an enemy using only symbols
049: Defeat 100 enemies using only symbols
089: Defeat 255 enemies using only symbols

074: Defeat 100 enemies with Terra Hammer
088: Defeat 100 enemies with Reaping Spark

041: Stab 1,000 times with a rapier
072: Stab enemies 2,000 times with a rapier
099: Stab enemies 3,000 times with a rapier

any of Faize's melee attacks count for this, enter a battle with a Slime from Palace of Creation with your weapon un-equipped, then keep stabbing until you have it. With your weapon un-equipped the Slime will Schism before it dies, giving you another unit to keep stabbing.

039: Win while poisoned

Drink a Poison Cider, then finish the battle

010: Cure a poisoned ally
018: Use Antidote within five seconds of poisoning
070: Use Antidote within one second of poisoning

You'll want to time Faize's antidote spell with applying a Poison Cider to someone. Start to cast Antidote on a character, then as soon as you exit from the battle menu hit Y again to enter the battle menu, tab over to the target you've selected for antidote and use a Poison Cider on them. As soon as you exit the battle menu tab back to Faize before the spell goes off. If you did it fast enough the target will use the Poison Cider just before the Antidote lands and you'll have Faize targetted to recieve the 3 BT's.

005: Use an earth symbol on an enemy weak to earth
060: Use a darkness symbol on an enemy weak to darkness
045: Use a water symbol on an enemy weak to water

You'll need to cast a symbol the enemy is weak to as stated above to get these:

For Earth cast Earth Glaive on a Killer Wasp in Aeos
For Darkness Find a Ring Beast in the Wandering Dungeon and use Shadow Needles
For Water use Ice Needles on Lava Golems in the Palace of Creation

013: Get enraged 10 times
034: Get enraged 20 times
055: Get enraged 30 times
076: Get enraged 40 times
095: Get enraged three times in one battle

You'll need max affinity for this strategy to work with Lymle. enter a fight with edge, lymle, faize and sarah. Kill all units down to 1 and have edge tank the mob off to the side. From there have lymle consume self destructor 3000's to kill herself. depending on Faize's affinty he can enrage from Lymle dying like this, when that happens he will jump up to 100 rush gauge. In order to get credit for this you need to be in control of Faize when Lymle dies. Once Lymle is dead have Sarah revive her and repeat until you run out of self destructor's.

027: Defeat an enemy while in Berserk status
057: Stay in Berserk status for two minutes
087: Stay in Berserk status for five minutes

016: Stun two enemies in a row
026: Stun three enemies in a row
037: Stun five enemies in a row
048: Stun seven enemies in a row

To get the Stun X enemies in a row trophies, go to Aeos and go to the Adephaga you fought at the beginning of the game. Try to get one stunned with a compact stun bomb but make sure you only hit one of them. If it gets stunned, run away and save your game. Get into the same battle and throw a bomb. If it gets stunned run away again and save. If it doesn't work, run away and reload your file. Do this until you get all the trophies (1,2,3,5, and 7 stuns in a row)

036: Win 20 Colosseum solo battles
047: Win 50 Colosseum solo battles
066: Win 100 Colosseum solo battles
086: Win 200 Colosseum solo battles
091: Win 50 consecutive Colosseum solo battles
081: Defeat 50 consecutive enemies of the same type

This can be done by fighting the first ranked fight in Colosseum. For the 50 consecutive you'll need to do them without stopping (saving and doing something else / turning off your console) other then that the other 4 are cumulative.

Fighting the first ranked battle is the easiest way for this, it will also let you get the 50 consecutive enemies of the same type BT

020: Land 10 critical hits during Rush Mode
090: Land 50 critical hits in Rush Mode

073: Absorb an earth-based attack
077: Absorb a water-based attack
083: Absorb a darkness-based attack

For Earth synth a Gnomestone to armour and enter a battle with Albero Di Anima (tree's) on planet Roak, they cast stone rain when not in melee range.
For Water synth a Nereidstone to armour and enter a battle with Ice Corpses in the Astral Caves.
For Darkness synth a Shadestone to armour and fight Cursed Horror's in En II Sanctuary / Old Road

019: Scan 10 enemies

028: Freeze an enemy with Ice Needles
032: Defeat a frozen enemy

Level up Ice Needle's to max rank, from there enter a battle with an enemy and cast Ice Needle's as much as you can, eventually the enemy will become frozen from it, from there either keep casting at it to kill it off while it is still frozen, or move into melee range and try to strike it to instantly kill it.

058: Fail to recover stolen Fol

Enter a battle with any Scumbag enemy, let them steal then run away to get this.

059: Win without ever moving

053: Land a hit on an enemy's weak point

061: Land eight hits with Stone Rain

Enter the Cave of the Seven Stars and fight the Bats / Bee's on the first floor, have Bacchus cast Black Hole Sphere to group them up then cast Stone Rain with Faize.

069: Cast Enlighten on one character four times

029: Spend a total of 30 minutes airborne

Using Faize's Jump will cause him to jump off the ground for a second, it's slow but it'll work. If Faize is counted in the air for 1 second each jump you'd need to jump 1800 times, at 2 seconds a jump you're looking at an hour straight jumping for this BT.

098: Defeat own Shadow

This BT is available for each character. 3 of the Shadows will appear in Cave of the Seven Stars. The other 6 are located in the Wandering Dungeon, floors 16 and 18. You MUST land the killing blow on the shadow in question with the alter ego of the shadow, i.e. Sarah needs to kill Sarah. You also must be in control of the character at the time as well, so no computer assistance.

Faize's Shadow appears inside the Wandering Dungeon

100: Defeat 55 Grigori

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