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Lymle Lemuri Phi

011: Deal at least 100 damage
022: Deal at least 500 damage
032: Deal at least 1,000 damage
043: Deal at least 4,000 damage
054: Deal at least 10,000 damage
063: Deal at least 30,000 damage
072: Deal at least 50,000 damage
079: Deal at least 70,000 damage
091: Deal at least 99,999 damage
099: Deal at least 99,999 damage with Fire Bolt

Get a laser weapon, put 4 +15% to fire symbols on it, and make sure lymle can get 9999 int. Then go into the Seven Star Ruins and fight the boss on the 7th floor. I think it's that floor, it's the grigori from the celestial ship. Make Sarah use sacred pain on it 4 times and have lymle hit it's weak point in rush mode with firebolt. It should do 99999 damage on the 6th cast. If you're having trouble killing it too fast, cast windblade 5 times, then firebolt for the 6th.

017: Deal exactly 123 damage
040: Deal exactly 1,234 damage
061: Deal exactly 12,345 damage

For 12,345 damage, give Lymle 3764 INT and use a Hound Grenade against a cursed horror in the old road to the sanctuary (EN II)

038: Win 20 Colosseum solo battles
051: Win 50 Colosseum solo battles
067: Win 100 Colosseum solo battles
087: Win 200 Colosseum solo battles
094: Win 50 consecutive Colosseum solo battles

003: Defeat 10 enemies with Cerberus
013: Defeat 30 enemies with Cerberus
024: Defeat 80 enemies with Cerberus
035: Defeat 100 enemies with Cerberus
041: Defeat 200 enemies with Cerberus

Simple enough, defeat the amount of enemies listed. Defeated enemies MUST have been killed by Cerberus (Killing blow landed, does not matter if computer helps, as long as Cerberus gets the final shot)

058: Summon Cerberus 10 times in one battle
045: Defeat 10 consecutive enemies with Cerberus
055: Defeat 20 consecutive enemies with Cerberus
064: Defeat 30 consecutive enemies with Cerberus
073: Defeat 40 consecutive enemies with Cerberus
083: Defeat 50 consecutive enemies with Cerberus
093: Defeat 60 consecutive enemies with Cerberus

020: Hide 20 times
044: Hide 50 times
074: Hide 100 times

Lymle can learn the Skill Hide from the book dealers in EN II, teach her this skill then spam it from the skills menu.

026: Use a wind symbol on an enemy weak to wind
012: Use a thunder symbol on an enemy weak to thunder
001: Use a fire symbol on an enemy weak to fire

You'll need to cast a symbol the enemy is weak to as stated above to get these:

For Wind cast Wind Blade on Adephaga Drus' on Aeos
For Thunder fight a Killer Chelae on Aeos (crabs) and use Lightning Blast
For Fire use Fireball on Dryad's on Lemuris

027: Use Energy Shield twice in a row
049: Use energy shield three times in a row
076: Use Energy Shield four times in a row

042: Defeat 100 "Scumbag" enemies
062: Defeat 300 "Scumbag" enemies
080: Defeat 999 "Scumbag" enemies
098: Defeat 99 Metal Scumbags

019: Earn a total of 10,000 Fol
068: Earn a total of 100,000 Fol
092: Earn a total of 1,000,000 Fol

014: Win with 0 MP remaining
086: Win with 1 MP remaining

Cast spells until your mana drops too low to cast any more, from there cast Hide until at 1 MP, then finish the battle. Re-engage after that and cast Hide once more to drop to 0 MP, win again to get the second BT.


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