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Lymle Lemuri Phi Cont.

031: Obtain 20 Parapsychology item drops
053: Obtain 50 Parapsychology item drops
071: Obtain 100 Parapsychology item drops
090: Obtain 255 Parapsychology item drops
077: Obtain two Parapsychology item drops in a row

Black Zombies in the wandering dungeon drop geostones which can be triggered from the Parapsychology skill

034: Defeat 100 undead enemies
052: Defeat 300 undead enemies
075: Defeat 500 undead enemies
095: Defeat 999 undead enemies

021: Defeat a Silenced enemy
085: Defeat 100 silenced enemies
015: Silence three enemies in a row
037: Silence five enemies in a row
060: Silence 10 enemies in a row

Max Lymle's Silence skill then fight Mushrooms in Lemuris. Cast Silence on them then kill them. For the Silencing in a row you just need to make sure you don't get a Silence Resist, but you'll eventually get them in a row while defeating the 100. If you're unlucky, silence a mob, kill it then save your game. If the next mob does not get silenced reload your game until you have 10.

089: Defeat 100 enemies with Trinity Blaze

047: Defeat 100 enemies with Scorching Star
082: Land 12 hits with Scorching Star
096: Land 16 hits with Scorching Star

004: Become incapacitated 10 times
025: Become incapacitated 30 times
046: Become incapacitated 50 times
065: Become incapacitated 70 times
084: Become incapacitated 100 times

The least volatile way to do this is to drink Self Destructor 3000's to kill Lymle, then have some one use a fresh sage to revive her, you can also cast restore if you prefer.

A faster way would be to send Lymle into a battle with nothing equipped, against mobs that can kill her very easily, then just chain cast restore with a healer. The downside to this strategy is if your forces get overwhelmed because your healer isn't healing it could wipe you, ruining any chains.

Self Destructor's are the safest method

023: Run one kilometer in battle

Run around in large circles around any battle arena, preferably against a slow monster. Assuming that each battle field is 50 meters in circumference (estimation based on the size of the battle field related to the characters size) You should need to run around the battle field 20 times

029: Roll forward a total of 10km
057: Roll forward 123 times
081: Roll forward 456 times

Both of these are gained the same way, use Lymle's jump ability to get her to roll, pick a direction where she can roll the entire time (not into a wall) to make sure she gets the distance aspect as well as the roll counter itself. Fighting against a slow monster is preferrable for doing this.

036: Absorb a fire-based attack
048: Absorb a thunder-based attack
056: Absorb a wind-based attack

For Fire synth a Salamanderstone to armour and enter a battle with Unicorn Wolves on Roak, they can a fire breath attack.
For Thunder synth a Thorstone to armour and fight Early Psynards in En II Sanctuary
For Wind synth a Sylphstone to armour and fith Axe Beaks on Roak, they cast wind blade.

005: Defeat an enemy using a close-quarters attack
006: Defeat an enemy using only fire bolt
016: Defeat an enemy using only Wind Blade

007: Get knocked down 40 times
028: Get knocked down 100 times
039: Get knocked down 200 times
050: Get knocked down 333 times
033: Get knocked down 20 times in one battle
066: Get knocked down 40 times in a one battle

Enter a battle with the Tree's on Lemuris and go into melee range, almost all of their melee attacks can knock you down. Make sure you have a healer active with only healing spells and sit back and watch.

030: Strike three enemies with Lightning Blast

Get in a fight with at least three enemies and use taunt with another character, wait for the enemies to clump together, then use lightning blast and target the enemy in the back, so it hits all three enemies.

078: Land 10 hits with Explosion

Get in a fight with the Bee's / Bat's from the first floor of the Cave of the Seven Stars. Have Bacchus use his Black Hole Sphere to clump them together then cast Explosion, after 10 hits you'll get this BT.

069: Get turned into a pumpkin in battle
070: Win while pumpkined

Use a Pumpkin Cider on yourself to turn into a Pumpkin, from there let your allies win the fight, as long as they don't cleanse you you'll get both.

008: Win without being targeted
059: Win without ever moving

Enter a battle and stand still, as long as you don't move / do not get hit by an enemy you'll get this.

088: Defeat the Ethereal Queen
100: Defeat the Ethereal Queen within 10 minutes

YOu have the greatest chance of getting this when you fight the 2 winged version of EQ only. Create 20 Symbol Card: Extinction+ when you go into the fight. Cast the card and use Hound Grenade when the cards are on cooldown, as both are non-elemental so will damage EQ. It will take a bit of time to estimate when to turn off your allies attacks but I would suggest going all out for 7 minutes then switching to Lymle and using cards / grenades. If you kill her too fast just adjust your strategy a bit.

002: Obtain a Bonus Board Tile

Kill an enemy with a special attack, or kill one with a critical hit.

009: Keep the Rush Gauge maxed out for one minute

Max your Rush Gauge by charging with B then keep it at 100 for a minute, you'll have to constantly charge to keep it from decaying.

010: Allow all enemies to escape from battle

Get in a fight with apprentice scumbags, make sure all the enemies are apprentice scumbags and no mixed in other guys, they will all eventually flee, after stealing or not, but they will all escape.

018: Make a mandragora cry

Killing / Blindsiding a Mandragora with Lymle should unlock this.

097: Defeat own shadow

This BT is available for each character. 3 of the Shadows will appear in Cave of the Seven Stars. The other 6 are located in the Wandering Dungeon, floors 16 and 18. You MUST land the killing blow on the shadow in question with the alter ego of the shadow, i.e. Sarah needs to kill Sarah. You also must be in control of the character at the time as well, so no computer assistance.

Lymle's Shadow appears inside the Wandering Dungeon


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