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Bacchus D-79 Cont.

Bacchus D-79 Cont.

018: Activate Rush Mode 30 times
039: Activate Rush Mode 60 times
058: Activate Rush Mode 99 times
077: Activate Rush Mode 150 times
097: Activate Rush Mode 255 times

008: Defeat 100 mechanical enemies
028: Defeat 300 Mechanical enemies
055: Defeat 500 Mechanical enemies
093: Defeat 999 Mechanical enemies
031: Obtain 20 Robotics item drops
051: Obtain 50 Robotics item drops
069: Obtain 100 Robotics item drops
096: Obtain 255 Robotics item drops
076: Obtain two Robotics item drops in a row

Farming Metal scumbags in the 7-star dungeon is an easy way to achieve this. Equip a scumbag slayer and keep casting Black Hole Sphere to kill them almost instantly. Depending on the creatures in the battle you might need to kill off a crab enemy as well, just equip a powerful weapon and kill them off quickly.

002: Guard against 5 consecutive attacks
012: Guard against 8 consecutive attacks
033: Guard against 11 consecutive attacks
052: Guard against 14 consecutive attacks
071: Guard against 17 consecutive attacks
092: Guard against 20 consecutive attacks

Travel to Planet Aeos and get in a fight with a low level bug. Face them and let them strike you, if you are a high enough level they won't be able to strike you, you'll just guard everything. Let him hit you 20 times for all 6 BT's

038: Win 20 colosseum solo battles
049: Win 50 colosseum solo battles
063: Win 100 colosseum solo battles
083: Win 200 colosseum solo battles
089: Win 50 consecutive colosseum solo battles
045: Land the battle-winning blow 10 times in a row
054: Land the battle-winning blow 15 times in a row
064: Land the battle-winning blow 20 times in a row
073: Land the battle-winning blow 30 times in a row
084: Land the battle-winning blow 40 times in a row
094: Land the battle-winning blow 50 times in a row

This can be done by fighting the first ranked fight in Colosseum. For the 50 consecutive you'll need to do them without stopping (saving and doing something else / turning off your console) other then that the other 4 are cumulative.

Fighting the first ranked battle is the easiest way for this. You'll also get the 50 Battle winning blows in a row this way, as Bacchus will be the only one in the fights, hence the only one to land the winning blow.

009: Use Emergency Repairs 16 times
030: Use Emergency Repairs 32 times
059: Use Emergency Repairs 64 times
078: Use Emergency Repairs 256 times

The Emergency Repairs skill book is gained at En II. Use it 256 times total, can only be used during a battle.

010: Defeat an enemy using a close-quarters attack
013: Defeat an enemy using only melee attack
057: Defeat an enemy using only support mechs

034: Defeat an enemy in one hit with exact damage
003: Defeat an enemy with exact damage
091: Defeat two enemies in a row with exact damage

Un-equip Bacchus' weapon and any items that enhance his ATK value. From there go into a fight with an enemy and use his jump attack, as it deals the lowest damage he can do. Mark down that damage value, from there you need to track down a monster with HP around that value. You can modify your attack up and down if needed to from there, but generaly speaking the lower your damage the less it will spike; a 10,000 damage hit can spike anywhere from 8500 to 11,500 damage, while a 100 damage attack can spike between 85 and 115, making it easier to predict.

You can use a scumbag slayer as well if your ATK is too high, as this reduces his ATK by 60%

Once you have achieved the first kill, run back and save your game, then go into a battle again. If you don't get an exact kill from that shot, reload your game. The game will track the single 1 shot kill for you, so you can effectively double your chances of completing this

019: Defeat an enemy while in fog status
072: Defeat 100 enemies while in fog status

*these trophies are VERY misleading, the enemy needs to be in fog status, not Bacchus.

Travel to planet Aeos and synth a weapon with earth damage and Fog status and give the weapon to Edge. Fight Lamia Radix and use normal attacks with Edge, these attacks will deal 0 damage to the Radix because of the earth damage synth, but can still apply the debuff. Once the enemy has the status effect finish them off with Bacchus to gain the kill credit.

098: Defeat 100 enemies with Godslayer

048: Strike three enemies with Black Hole Sphere

021: Land eight hits with Galvanic Shock

053: Land a long-range hit while in fog status

082: Win without any player-controlled actions

090: Defeat own shadow

This BT is available for each character. 3 of the Shadows will appear in Cave of the Seven Stars. The other 6 are located in the Wandering Dungeon, floors 16 and 18. You MUST land the killing blow on the shadow in question with the alter ego of the shadow, i.e. Sarah needs to kill Sarah. You also must be in control of the character at the time as well, so no computer assistance.

Bacchus' Shadow appears inside the Wandering Dungeon

070: Defeat 100 Kokabiel spawn

During the Kokabiel fight you will need to kill 100 of its spawns. Each time that Kokabiel uses its Rejuvenate Swarm ability it will summon 12 killable Spawns. The easiest way to kill these is spam Termination or Black Hole Sphere (Depening on which one you have / prefer to use) right as Kokabiel is nearing the end of its Rejuvenate Swarm spell. This will clip most if not all of the Swarms, killing them instantly. Wait until Kokabiel uses the spell again and repeat.

This will take approx. 11 casts of Rejuvenate Swarm to achieve. It is also advisable that you do this before you knock Kokabiel into the second phase, as you won't have to also deal with its Sword Attacks.

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