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Meracle Chamlotte Cont.

005: Land 1,000 hits in total
027: Land 3,000 hits in total
045: Land 10,000 hits in total
049: Land 20,000 hits in total
068: Land 30,000 hits in total
088: Land 99,999 hits in total

016: Survive incapacitation via Fury
033: Survive incapacitation via Fury 10 times
050: Survive incapacitation via Fury 30 times
070: Survive incapacitation via Fury 5 times in a row
078: Survive incapacitation via Fury 10 times in a row

Equip a level 10 fury boost. From there make sure Meracle's health is at max then use a self destructor. Depending on your luck this will pop Fury, leaving Meracle at one health. From there heal her to full health and use another self destructor. Get 50 total for the first 3, and 10 in a row for the last 2.

Things to note:

Self destructors work best, anything that deals that much damage relative to your max health has a higher chance of proccing fury.

Heal yourself to full health with healing spells - There has been testing that shows that using healing spells works better then items, not sure why, just do it to be certain.

019: Steal successfully 10 times
030: Steal successfully 20 times
040: Steal successfully 30 times
051: Steal successfully 40 times
061: Steal successfully 50 times
009: Steal food
028: Steal an accessory
053: Steal Armor
069: Steal a Weapon

Meracle has the ability to use the addon Steal, which will cause Meracle to attempt to steal an item from an enemy when she uses her strong melee attack (when in close range, press your directional stick towards the enemy you are targetting and hit your attack button. It will take numerous tries, but eventually you can steal something.

You can steal the following categories of items from these enemies:

Armour: Skeleton Armors in Roak Desert
Weapon: Phantom Dragoon / Dark Raptor in Nox Obscurus
Food: Theiving Scumbags in Roak Desert
Accessory: Theiving Scumbags in Roak Desert, note this is a much more rare steal then food.
Alternativley, you can steal a Tri-Emblum from the Black Eagle Ranger in the Eagle Ranger boss battle in Seven Star Ruins.

041: Hit a falling enemy with Claws of Fury
066: Strike three enemies with Max Shockwave
079: Strike five enemies with Max Shockwave

002: Defeat an enemy using only special arts
023: Defeat 20 enemies using only special arts
043: Defeat 70 enemies using only special arts
064: Defeat 200 enemies using only special arts
084: Defeat 500 enemies using only special arts
048: Defeat 100 enemies with Acrobatic Vault
087: Defeat 100 enemies with Drill Spike

004: Defeat an enemy using a wake-up attack
038: Defeat an enemy using only wake-up attacks
012: Defeat an enemy from behind
018: Defeat an enemy using only leg-based attacks
025: Defeat an enemy while in Berserk status
065: Defeat a pumpkined enemy

086: Defeat Gabriel Celeste
100: Defeat Gabriel Celeste within 10 minutes

008: Attack first with a special art

021: Land a critical hit from behind
024: Land a hit on an enemy's weak points

059: Recover stolen Fol

034: Prevent an enemy from escaping battle

036: Win without ever standing still

057: Jump 55 times in a row

075: Spend a total of 60 minutes airborne

Acrobatic Vault and Somersault smash are the best ways to stay airborne with meracle. You can give her a cloudy cider for blind status then chain cast the spell without worrying about killing enemies.

098: Defeat own shadow

This BT is available for each character. 3 of the Shadows will appear in Cave of the Seven Stars. The other 6 are located in the Wandering Dungeon, floors 16 and 18. You MUST land the killing blow on the shadow in question with the alter ego of the shadow, i.e. Sarah needs to kill Sarah. You also must be in control of the character at the time as well, so no computer assistance.

Meracle's Shadow appears inside the Wandering Dungeon


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