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Myuria Tionysus Cont.

005: Defeat an enemy using only close-quarters attacks
018: Defeat an enemy while in Berserk status
020: Defeat an enemy over 20 meters away

For berserk status, use a Pickled Pepper Potion, this will cause Berserk on Myuira.

019: Defeat a frozen enemy
086: Defeat 100 frozen enemies

Travel to planet Aeos and synth a weapon with earth damage and freezing attack and give the weapon to Edge. Fight Lamia Radix and use normal attacks with Edge, these attacks will deal 0 damage to the Radix because of the earth damage synth, but can still apply the debuff. Once the enemy has the status effect finish them off with Myuria to gain the kill credit.

021: Defeat an enemy via damage from poison
075: Defeat an enemy via damage from poison only

You can use a compact poison bomb for the first BT. The second is a bit trickier. You need to synthesize earth attack (gnomestone) and poison attack (poison cider?) to a weapon. Once you have that enter a battle with a Dryad unit. These units have full resist against earth attacks, so keep hitting them in melee. Every attack will hit for 0, but can still apply the poison effect.

Keep attacking until you apply poison, then wait until it dies from it.

042: Defeat 100 enemies with Shadow Needles
078: Defeat 100 enemies with Plasma Cyclone
085: Defeat 100 enemies with Dark Devourer

028: Win 20 Colosseum solo battles
041: Win 50 Colosseum solo battles
083: Win 200 Colosseum solo battles
088: Win 50 consecutive Colosseum solo battles
010: Defeat an enemy using only items
063: Defeat 50 enemies using only items

Fight Bitter Tearflower (first colosseum solo battle) and pick the offensive set, this will give you 2 EM bombs, use these against the Bitter Tearflower to kill it, netting you an item only kill. Do this 50 times in a row to net the 50 item only kills and the 50 consecutive Colosseum battles. From there you need to complete another 150 in your own time.

008: Activate Rush Mode 30 times
030: Activate Rush Mode 60 times
052: Activate Rush Mode 99 times
073: Activate Rush Mode 150 times
093: Activate Rush Mode 255 times

002: Use thunder symbol on an enemy weak to thunder
016: Use a water symbol on an enemy weak to water
039: Use a darkness symbol on an enemy weak to darkness

043: Absorb a thunder-based attack
062: Absorb a water-based attack
071: Absorb a darkness-based attack

For Thunder synth a Thorstone to armour and fight Early Psynards in En II Sanctuary
For Water synth a Nereidstone to armour and enter a battle with Ice Corpses in the Astral Caves.
For Darkness synth a Shadestone to armour and fight Cursed Horror's in En II Sanctuary / Old Road

024: Strike three enemies with Lightning Blast
054: Freeze two enemies with Deep Freeze
089: Freeze three enemies with Deep Freeze

011: Take no damage 5 times in a row
037: Take no damage 10 times in a row
047: Take no damage 20 times in a row
068: Take no damage 30 times in a row
082: Take no damage 40 times in a row
087: Take no damage 50 times in a row

006: Get enraged 10 times
035: Get enraged 20 times
061: Get enraged 30 times
077: Get enraged 40 times
064: Get enraged twice in one battle

001: Win without ever being targeted

003: Cast a symbol within close range of an enemy

023: Recover HP to the exact maximum capacity

This BT is easiest when Myuria's HP can be evenly divided by 100, but can be done at any time, just takes a lot of math.

You want Myuria's healing spell to be maxx level, so it heals 40% health.

Use a heal on Myuria, write down that number. You now need to make Myuria's health the remainder of that number from your max health. Example:

Myuria has 20675 Health, a 40% heal lands for 8370. You need to reduce Myuria's health to 12305. The easiest way to do this is a combination of poison ciders, auto healing and the low level bugs on planet Aeos, by the end of the game the bugs should be hitting you for 1 to 2 damage, if it's 1 then this will be easy, if 2 then it's a bit harder.

Poison yourself to just above 20675 Health, (poison would tick for 207, so it would take 40 ticks, reducing you to 12395 Health)

From that point antidote yourself, then let the bugs on Aeos hit you. Because of their low level you'll need to charge for blindsides, to negate your ability to block their hits. Keep going until you reach the desired HP, in the examples case 12305, or 45 hits of 2 damage a piece. Once at that level cast a healing spell on yourself to go to max health, and now you've got your BT.

034: Cast a symbol with no casting time

057: Cast Faerie Heal on an entire party with critical HP

065: Recover HP with first aid twice in a row

Have First Aid equipped and get into a battle, wait until you get hit and First Aid proccs, finish the battle without getting hit and save your game. Go into another battle and get hit agian, if first Aid does not procc reload your game to save your first First Aid procc.

076: Survive incapacitation via Fury 10 times in a row

Equip a level 10 fury boost. From there make sure Myuria's health is at max then use a self destructor. Depending on your luck this will pop Fury, leaving Myuria at one health. From there heal her to full health and use another self destructor. Get 10 in a row for the BT.

Things to note:

Self destructors work best, anything that deals that much damage relative to your max health has a higher chance of proccing fury.

Heal yourself to full health with healing spells - There has been testing that shows that using healing spells works better then items, not sure why, just do it to be certain.

094: Defeat own shadow

This BT is available for each character. 3 of the Shadows will appear in Cave of the Seven Stars. The other 6 are located in the Wandering Dungeon, floors 16 and 18. You MUST land the killing blow on the shadow in question with the alter ego of the shadow, i.e. Sarah needs to kill Sarah. You also must be in control of the character at the time as well, so no computer assistance.

Myuria's Shadow appears inside the Wandering Dungeon

095: Get enraged three times in one battle

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