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Sarah Jerand Cont.

038: Revive an incapacitated ally 20 times
060: Revive an incapacitated ally 99 times
081: Revive an incapacitated ally 300 times
098: Revive in incapacitated ally 999 times

Cast any ressurection spell on a dead character. You need to be in control of Sarah when the Rezz goes off for it to count properly.

036: Win 20 Colosseum solo battles
050: Win 50 Colosseum solo battles
073: Win 100 Colosseum solo battles
083: Win 200 Colosseum solo battles
090: Win 50 consecutive Colosseum solo battle

This can be done by fighting the first ranked fight in Colosseum. For the 50 consecutive you'll need to do them without stopping (saving and doing something else / turning off your console) other then that the other 4 are cumulative.

Fighting the first ranked battle is the easiest way for this as Sarah can easily one shot the first mob with most of her spells.

003: Escape from battle 20 times
013: Escape from battle 40 times
023: Escape from battle 60 times
033: Escape from battle 100 times
047: Escape from battles 10 times in a row
057: Escape from battle 20 times in a row
068: Escape from battle 30 times in a row

To make this go faster, fight the bugs in the Aeos starting area. The lower the level of the mobs to your party, the faster you can escape. Escape 100 times for the first 4, and do 30 one after another during that time for the last 3.

009: Cure a paralyzed ally
019: Cure a poisoned ally
027: Cure a silenced ally
039: Cure a cursed ally
051: Cure a pumpkined ally
061: Cure a frozen ally
072: Cure Stun Status with a symbol

Drink the related Cider on a random character, then have Sarah cast Cure Condition to get the particular BT. Sarah needs to be controlled by you when the Cure Condition goes off for it to count.

When fighting against Mandragora enemies you can blindside them, this will cause them to sink into the ground. After a short ammount of time in the ground the Mandragora will pop out of the ground and do a shake animation. This shake animation will briefly stun any units in melee range of the Mandragora. If you have Sarah cast her cure condition when a character is stunned from the shake effect you'll get the achievement. Best time to start casting is when the mandragora starts to move from the stun, but you'll need to experiment to find the proper timing.

088: Defeat Satanail
100: Defeat Satanail within 5 minutes

At max level with maxxed ATK / INT (which you should have by the time you hit EQ) a party of 4 can take down Satanail in about 3 minutes (give or take a bit for difficulty, 3 minutes at Universe) Let your characters smash Satanail's Orbs down as fast as possible. Once he switches to phase 2 turn all of your characters to Manual and spam Sunflare with Sarah. Satanail is weak to light so will take increased damage. This should kill him in a minute or 2.

007: Use a wind symbol on an enemy weak to wind
017: Use a light symbol on an enemy weak to light
026: Use a thunder symbol on an enemy weak to thunder

022: Absorb a wind-based attack
025: Absorb a light-based attack
037: Absorb a thunder-based attack

For Wind synth a Sylphstone to armour and fith Axe Beaks on Roak, they cast wind blade.
For Thunder synth a Thorstone to armour and fight Early Psynards in En II Sanctuary

For Light synth an Angelstone to armour - You'll need to pick a fight a boss for this.

Ring Beast in Wandering Dungeon's Tail attack (the ability that fires multiple tracking energy blasts) is light based, gain aggro with Sarah and run out of melee. It will eventually target you with it.

010: Strike three enemies with Wind Blade
064: Strike two enemies with Tornado
091: Strike three enemies with Aurora Rings

Enter a battle with a large number of enemies (larger the better for your chances) Then cast each of the above spells when they are grouped together (Use a character with taunt to gather them all, then have Sarah cast the spells. Max level Aurora Rings helps for striking multiple enemies, as it increases the number of Rings summoned from 3 to 5.

002: Defeat an enemy using only weapon attacks
012: Defeat an enemy using a close-quarters attacks
021: Defeat an enemy using only Radiant Lancer
085: Defeat 100 enemies with Blast Hurricane

Sarah has no ranged 'A' Attack, so target an enemy and Hit 'A' once to make Sarah go into melee range and strike it with her weapon. Repeat this to achieve the Weapon Attacks.

Close Quarters is Sarah's Analog stick & 'A' button when in melee range attack. She will swoop her wings towards the enemy, blowing them away while causing damage. Manually run into melee range then use this ability.

Kill an enemy while only using the Radiant Lancer spell

Kill 100 enemies while only using the Blast Hurricane spell

049: Get turned into a pumpkin in battle
094: Get turned into a pumpkin in battle 100 times

If you have access to 100 Pumpkin Ciders, you can do it that way. Drink a Pumpkin Cider, have another character cast Cure Condition, then drink another Cider and repeat until you run out. Will take 5 total trips to get all 100.

Likewise you can fight any Dark Bishop model character (Small humanoids with big maces, shout "Enemies of my Faith!" When they see you. One of their attacks is a melee smash that turns the target into a pumpkin.

You need to be in control of Sarah when she is turned into a pumpkin in order for it to be counted.

005: Land a hit on an enemy's weak point

There are 3 bosses inside the Wandering Dungeon that harbour Weak Points - Incomplete Armaros, Manifest Armaros II & Kokabiel. Incomplete Armaros is the easiest to achieve this with. Wait until Incomplete Armaros changes to its second form, then cast an AoE spell at it (Sunflare works perfectly for this) As long as a portion of the spell hits the weak point, which it should, you'll achieve the BT.

020: Win while in the middle of casting a symbol

Restoration is Sarah's longest spell to cast. Right before a battle ends start casting this. As long as the Symbology circle is visible when the battle ends it will count. Likewise you can also stage the end of a fight by putting everyone on manual, eliminating all units minus 1, which you leave in a 1 shot range. After that start to cast a Symbol, tab immediatley to another character, tell them to attack and immediatley tab back to Sarah. You need to be in control of Sarah when the battle ends for this to work.

034: Defeat a frozen enemy

While Sarah herself has no spells to cause frozen status, you can easily use a Compact Freezing Bomb on an enemy. Picking one weak to frost helps the Frozen status stick, so bring a few with you to a fight, incase the first one dosen't Freeze the target. (Suggested mob: Lava Golems in Palace of Creation)

041: Use 10 healing symbols in one battle

Cast 10 healing spells in a single battle, you need to be in control of Sarah when the spells actually land on the target (Group heal spells only count as a single spell, even though they hit 4 people)

043: Cast Faerie Heal on an entire party with critical HP

Have each character in your party use a Danger, Do Not Drink Potion to lower their health to 1 HP, then cast Faerie Heal (For refrence, Critical condition is when your characters Health # is Red)

Likewise you can also lose a battle in the colloseum, this will set each of your characters to 1 health after the battle is over.

065: Cast Enhance on one character four times

Cast Enhance 4 times on a character in a single battle. You need to be in control of Sarah when the Enhance actually casts to get credit for it.

070: Fail to survive incapacitation via Fury 10 times in a row

This BT can actually be achieved without any Fury Skill active (that or dumb luck on my part)

Make sure all of your Fury skills are off, go into a battle and use a Self-Destructor. Make sure you have Sarah targetted when she dies. Afterwards use another character to revive her, and repeat as neccessary.

(I personally got this BT during the EQ Fight, Sarah got trapped in a corner during a supernova and immediatley died, earnign her this BT. She did not have any Fury Skills on at the time so it might be a pre-req that a monster has to kill her for it to count. Looking for confirmation.)

071: Use Restoration within one second of incapacitation

You'll need both Sarah and another character on Manual, to make sure they don't disrupt your timing. A fully 10/10 Restoration takes roughly a second to cast. The trick is to have your second manual character use a Self-Destructor right before the res is supposed to land.

Start with Sarah and tell her to cast Restoration on your second character. The second Sarah's Symbology ring pops up enter your battle menu, tab to the second manual character and use a self Destructor. As soon as you confirm the Self-Destructor enter the battle menu again and tab back to Sarah.

If you tabbed back to Sarah fast enough you should control her just as the Restoration goes off, which should be right after the Self-Destructor kills your ally, rezzing them immediatley.

096: Defeat own shadow

This BT is available for each character. 3 of the Shadows will appear in Cave of the Seven Stars. The other 6 are located in the Wandering Dungeon, floors 16 and 18. You MUST land the killing blow on the shadow in question with the alter ego of the shadow, i.e. Sarah needs to kill Sarah. You also must be in control of the character at the time as well, so no computer assistance.

Sarah's Shadow appears inside the Cave of the Seven Stars.

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