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Arumat P. Thanatos

003: Deal at least 1000 damage
013: Deal at least 4,000 damage
021: Deal at least 10,000 damage
024: Deal at least 20,000 damage
034: Deal at least 30,000 damage
044: Deal at least 50,000 damage
056: Deal at least 70,000 damage
064: Deal at least 99,999 damage

Raise Arumat's ATK to 9999 (max) then enter a battle with Manifest Armaros (either the one in Wandering Dungeon or after the Apostle of Creation, whichever you decide)

Give Arumat 3 Dragon's Roars on his combo list, then when in battle buff him 3 times with Enhance. Once that is done use Arumat's Berserk.

Blindside Manifest Armaros and start casting Dragon's Roar on its weak point. Since Manifest is Blindsided all of your attacks will be crits, and against the weak point deal massive damage. By the second Dragon's Roar you should get 99,999 Damage. Keep repeating if Manifest recovers before you get high enough damage.

065: Deal at least 30,000 overkill damage
090: Deal at least 90,000 overkill damage

You'll need an ability that can deal 90K damage in all of its hits (dragon's roar hits 4 times for 20K - 80K total for instance) then bring a mob down as low in health as you can. Initiate a rush combo, as long as the combo deals 90K damage more then the mobs current health, you'll unlock this.

Use Enhance / Berserking if neccessary to increase the damage output.

002: Deal exactly 999 damage
016: Deal exactly 4,444 damage
029: Deal exactly 9,999 damage
042: Deal exactly 44,444 damage

For 4444 damage, Give Arumat 2586 attack and fight Adephaga's on planet Aeos, blindside them and attack, you should be hitting for close to this damage range. Keep going until you get the BT. Adjust your attack as needed if damage is too far off.

For 9999 damage, bring your attack to around 5730 and use dragon's roar on Man-Faced Tree's (Colosseum Battle Solo) You'll hit around the 9900 - 10100 range. Adjust your attack as needed if damage is too far off.

For 44,444 damage give Arumat 6508 ATK and an earth damage weapon. Fight Crater Perytons in the first floor of Seven Star Ruins and use Aerial Gallows on them to hit for around this range. Adjust your attack as needed if damage is too far off.

009: Defeat 108 enemies
028: Defeat 200 enemies
030: Defeat 400 enemies
041: Defeat 666 enemies
053: Defeat 1,000 enemies
060: Defeat 2,000 enemies
067: Defeat 4,444 enemies
079: Defeat 8,000 enemies
089: Defeat 15,000 enemies
098: Defeat 30,000 enemies

Simple enough, will just take an amazingly long time to execute. Defeat the amount of enemies listed. Defeated enemies MUST have been killed by Arumat (Killing blow landed, does not matter if computer helps, as long as Arumat gets the final shot)

007: Pull off 20 Blindsides
018: Pull off 50 Blindsides
038: Pull off 200 Blindsides
058: Pull off 1,000 Blindsides

A blindside is activated when you hold B and move the analog stick in a direction to slip behind an enemy. Blindsides are only counted when you are in 'Short' range to your target, so long range jumps do not count.

The bugs in Aeos are perfect targets to get Blindsides, as they are very quick to recover if you do not attack them, letting you Blindside around once every 5 seconds.

031: Obtain 20 Entomology item drops
051: Obtain 50 Entomology item drops
071: Obtain 100 Entomology item drops
096: Obtain 255 Entomology item drops
082: Obtain two Entomology item drops in a row

Arumat can learn a skill called Entomology from the book vendor in EN II, when this skill is learned any Insect that he kills has a higher chance of dropping a better item. When the skill is increased the chance of this happening increases.

You are unable to tell when you get an Entomology Drop though, so you'll need to keep killing enemies until you get the 255 trophy. Obtaining two in a row will come over time, as it is more random then the others.

For Entomology fight Adephaga units in the southern poriton of Aeos (green / blakc ones have best chance, will check on name)

006: Defeat 100 insect enemies
043: Defeat 300 insect enemies
069: Defeat 500 insect enemies
086: Defeat 999 insect enemies

The starting area of planet Aeos is almost entirely filled with Insects, minus the crabs along the beach and the slimes / bats inside the caves. If you stay outside the caves you should be fine though. Keep killing bugs with Arumat to get these BT's.

010: Attack first 30 times
035: Attack first 100 times
062: Attack first 200 times
076: Attack first 300 times
093: Attack first 500 times

Landing the first strike in the battle will net you a point towards these BT's. Using Arumat's long range A attack will usually give you a first strike.

023: Win 20 colosseum solo battles
039: Win 50 colosseum solo battles
061: Win 100 colosseum solo battles
073: Win 150 colosseum solo battles
081: Win 200 colosseum solo battles
091: Win 50 consecutive colosseum solo battles
057: Win 10 consecutive battles with no item drops
083: Win 20 consecutive battles with no item drops
080: Win 50 consecutive battles without healing
099: Win 100 consecutive battles without healing
032: Win 10 consecutive battles without taking damage
052: Win 20 consecutive battles without taking damage

This can be done by fighting the first ranked fight in Colosseum. For the 50 consecutive you'll need to do them without stopping (saving and doing something else / turning off your console) other then that the other 4 are cumulative.

Fighting the first ranked battle is the easiest way for this, it will also let you get the 50 consecutive enemies of the same type BT

Keep fighting the first ranked battle to also get the without healing, as you'll be able to easily 1 shot the monster with high ATK, eliminating the need to heal (make sure you don't have any pink bonus board tiles, that counts as a heal, same with auto heal / first aid) This is also advantageous for the 20 battles with no damage taken, as the second you start the fight just hit 'A' and Arumat will 1 shot the enemy before it can attack back.

As Colosseum battles drop no items, you can get the 20 battles in a row without item drops this way as well.

011: Win 30 Consecutive battles

Simple enough, all you need to do is win, so long as you don't retreat, or take a break from the game, (turning the console off) you'll get this. You need to be in control of Arumat, but he does not need to be the one to get the killing blow in the battles.


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