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Arumat P. Thanatos Cont.

001: Use Taunt 20 times
033: Use Taunt 100 times
063: Use Taunt 200 times
092: Use Taunt 300 times
019: Stay in Berserk status for two minutes
049: Stay in Berserk status for five minutes
012: Defeat an enemy while in Berserk status

Enter a battle with the Bugs on Aeos, have Bacchus use taunt to get aggro on the bugs then run Arumat to the opposite side of the battle area. Cast Berserk once, then Taunt 10 times, then Berserk again. Keep doing this until you get the five minute Berserk BT, then just keep casting Taunt, you should have about half of the Taunt's done at the five minute mark for the Berserk BT.

Once you have all 300 Taunts, cast Berserk once more and kill the bugs that are left.

094: Use Taunt on Gabriel Celeste 10 times
097: Use Taunt on the Ethereal Queen 10 times

Use Taunt on each of the two end-game dungeon bosses. As long as you are within about 15 meters of the bosses the taunt will register as a hit, though the boss still may not target you, they will still register.

004: Win with 5 HP remaining
025: Win with 4 HP remaining
048: Win with 3 HP remaining
068: Win with 2 HP remaining
087: Win with 1 HP remaining

If your Auto Heal Skill is not level 1, this strategy will not work properly, it will take a bit of math, but you should be able to work it out, send me a PM with Arumat's Health / Auto Healing Skill / how much Auto Heal Heals for and I can help work it out.

You'll need the following things - 4x Aquaberries, 4x Posion Cider, Item that gives +100 Health, 1x Danger do not drink, Auto Heal Skill (level 1, refer to above if higher)

Also, make sure you have no pink bonus board tiles, that'll end your streak before it starts.

1. start by drinking a Danger, do not drink potion, win that battle for the 1 HP

2. on your next battle, have something equipped that gives +100 health (monster jewel or craftable, does not matter and equip your auto healing skill.

3. Wait for a single tick of Auto Heal, then take off the +100 health item. Wait 2 more auto healing ticks, then take that off as well.

4. Drink a poison cider, wait 3 ticks of poison, then use the Aquaberries.

5. win the battle

If you did it right you'll be at 2 HP for the second battle, and get the respective BT.

Repeat steps 2 through 5, each successive battle you'll go 1 HP higher and get the BT's for each HP value.

005: Defeat an enemy in one hit 10 times
015: Defeat an enemy in one hit 40 times
026: Defeat an enemy in one hit 100 times
036: Defeat an enemy in one hit 300 times.

Kill an enemy in a single attack, can be a normal strike of a special attack.

046: Defeat an enemy in one hit 10 times in a row
055: Defeat an enemy in one hit 20 times in a row
066: Defeat an enemy in one hit 30 times in a row
075: Defeat an enemy in one hit 40 times in a row
085: Defeat an enemy in one hit 50 times in a row
095: Defeat an enemy in one hit 60 times in a row

As before, but must be in a row, easiest for these is Aeos against the low level bugs, but can be done anywhere you can reliably kill the monsters in one shot.

054: Guard against 15 consecutive attacks
078: Guard against 20 consecutive attacks
084: Guard against 30 consecutive attacks

Head to Aeos, starting area. Kill off all but 1 bug then face it and let it attack, after 30 guards in a row (you should be guarding everything post-game these guys can throw at you) you'll get this.

022: Survive 30 surprise attacks
045: Survive 60 surprise attacks
072: Survive 100 surprise attacks

You trigger a suprise attack when an enemy on the field runs into the rear of Edge. Red text will appear at the start of the battle, saying 'Suprised.' Win the battle without Arumat dieing and end the battle with Arumat targeted to get credit for these BT's.

014: Bury a Scumbag with a single swipe
037: Bury a Scumbag with a single swipe 50 times
074: Bury a Scumbag with a single swipe 100 times

Create a Scumbag Slayer and go into battle against any type of Scumbag unit. Scumbag Slayer needs to procc on the first attack, or it does not count, (you can tell that Scumbag Slayer proccs when the Scumbag dies without any damage appearing)

Since Scumbag Slayer proccs only 20% of the time, it will take roughly 500 scumbags to attain this trophy, depending on your personal luck.

008: Defeat an enemy with a knockdown attack
017: Defeat an enemy using only symbols
020: Defeat an enemy in Rush Mode
040: Defeat an enemy from behind

All can be done in Aeos, starting area:

Knockdown attack: Your long range attack is considered a Knockdown, 1 shot something with that to get the BT (needs confirmation, either that or his long boot attack)

Only Symbols: Cast any type of symbol attack, this should one shot your target, if not keep casting until it is dead.

Rush Mode: Defeat an enemy when they are in rush mode to get this, if you are blocking too much for them to enter rush mode, charge your rush gauge, you lose the ability to guard during that time.

Enemy from Behind: Have an enemy targeted and put your back to it, when it gets in short range hit A. Arumat will spin around 360, clipping the mob. Killing the enemy with this 360 attack will get this trophy.

027: Defeat a cursed enemy
077: Defeat 100 cursed enemies

Throw a lesser demon's fetish at an enemy, then defeat it. To my knowledge no character can cast curse for you.

047: Allow all enemies to escape from battle

Enter a battle made entirely of scumbags (dosen't matter what type) and stand there until they run away, which they eventually will.

An easy way to get into a battle of enitre scumbags is to Pre-emptive strike them, they will almost always appear with only 1 type of enemy.

050: Land eight hits with Stone Rain

Enter a battle with the Bat's / Bee's on the first floor of the Cave of the Seven Stars, have Bacchus use his Black Hole Sphere then cast Stone Rain.

059: Deal the same amount of damage twice in a row

Requires a bit of luck, but can be done at any point in the game, just get the same # twice in a row. Diabolic edge works the best for this, as it seems to use static damage for its middle hits.

070: Fight as battle leader for 120 minutes

Have direct control of Arumat for 120 minutes.

088: Defeat own shadow

This BT is available for each character. 3 of the Shadows will appear in Cave of the Seven Stars. The other 6 are located in the Wandering Dungeon, floors 16 and 18. You MUST land the killing blow on the shadow in question with the alter ego of the shadow, i.e. Sarah needs to kill Sarah. You also must be in control of the character at the time as well, so no computer assistance.

Arumat's Shadow appears inside the Cave of the Seven Stars.

100: Defeat 100 enemies while HP is 5% or less

Drink a Danger Do Not Drink potion, equip auto healing, let it tick 4 times, then go kill off 100 enemies in the Aeos starting area.


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