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Hello there, sorry if this has already been answered, but to get Edge Maverick's:

"Defeat An Enemy With a Knockdown Attack"

You simply have to attack an enemy and kill them with the downward thrust (tap A+toward enemy) melee attack that Edge employs when an enemy has been knocked down (i.e. laying on the ground/not attacking). You just have to be close and in the right place at the right time.

A great way to get any of the "xx Consecutive Long Range Attacks" is to pick a strong (in health) enemy and select the character of your choice, keep your distance, and fire away. Telling the other members of your party to either "Do Nothing" or "Stay Out of Trouble" helps as well. Also, always pay attention to the distance identifier on the HUD in the upper-left corner. If it goes to SHORT, stop firing immediately. I found this to be incredibly easy with Bacchus D-79, as when using his Hold B + Direction slide move, you can fire off 3-6 shots that seem to home in on the enemy. These also carry over from battle to if you get 30 in one battle and 30 in the next (without firing from SHORT range in between), the game will keep your count of 60 consecutive Long Range attacks. Bacchus' slides also count as "Jump Attacks," so you can work on both sets of trophies at once.

Hope this helps.

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