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For Faizes 50 Crit Hit during rush mode BT:

You have to have Faize at a Grigori with Reaping Spark and Lv 20 Burst. Have him solo while spamming RS. You shouldn't run out of Rush and be constantly critical hitting .

Does require a bit of leveling up (Easy to get on the second playthrough while choosing Faize.)
Originally Posted by Homakruz View Post
As a sidenote an easy way to get Arumat's 5-1 HP Remaining trophies:

When you first get Arumat keep his auto healing ability at 1.
Create a monster jewel that adds +100 HP and equip it to him.
Go into battle and use the DANGER DO NOT DRINK to reduce his hp to 1 and then equip the auto-healing ability in battle.
Wait 1-4 iterations (2-5 HP Remaining BTs respectively). Unequip auto-heal and win the battle, then unequip the monster jewel that adds +100 hp.
Go into battle and poison him with a poision cider and wait 1-4 iterations and aquaberry him and you will be at the HP needed for the amount of iterations you waited.

Just 2 I already had, you can fix them up a bit if you want. :P

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